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Using Social Proof Marketing and Testimonials on Landing Pages

Using Social Proof Marketing and Testimonials on Landing Pages

Optimized Landing Pages Results in Higher Conversion Rates.

With respect to pay – per click campaigns and other related online marketing strategies, the use of a compelling landing page is of essence in relation to boosting conversion rates as compared to regular web pages. The essence of a landing page is to compel potential customers to perform the desired action. An excellent landing page significantly boosts your online reputation.

Framework of a Landing Page

1. The header should capture the attention of users, use attractive images and neat positioning.
2. Excellent and flawless grammatical structures, keep word count at the minimum.
3. The conversion piece should be simple. A simple click of a button, or a video should do the task.
4. Increase the trust of potential customers through the use of testimonials, reviews and other evidences.

The following ways increase the conversion rate of your landing page.
• Navigation links should be kept away from the landing page, this helps to keep users on the landing page.

• There should be a direct relationship between the landing page and its source. For example, if you are using social media to promote an advert, the landing page should relate directly to the original advert on the social site.

• A maximum of three (3) keywords should be your target on the landing page and they must be those used in the original advert.

• Using the right action word is critical to converting the user. It should be east to use. Place one above the page and place others at intermediate levels between texts. The action button should be in contrast with the background to make it easily visible.

• Do not underestimate the potential of images. Quality images retains the attention of the user long enough to take desired action

After fulfilling the above, direct the customer to an appreciation page. Make him feel your presence even if you are absent. This creates a sense of belonging in the mind of the user. Examine the outcome of your actions and constantly update.

Different tests should be done on various versions to ascertain the efficacy of different versions with respect to conversions. An optimal version should be used.

Note that the race for quality has no finish line, there is always room for improvements.

Do I need a Landing Page?

The following questions are designed to ascertain if you truly need a landing page. If your answer to any of the questions is YES, then the use of a landing page is of benefit to you.

1. Is your business located in multiple locations?
2. In driving traffic to your website, do you use paid advertisements like Ad words, Facebook Ads, and Google etc?
3. Do you make use of direct mail on promoting your website?
4. Do you use email marketing to create backlinks to your website?

Whenever you offer a unique service or product or directing users to your website for specialized offer, the use of a landing page is of immense benefit.

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