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11 Examples of Social Factors in Marketing and SEO

11 Examples of Social Factors in Marketing and SEO

Google SEO Ranking Factors

Each search engine has its own metrics and factors it use to rank a website. Thus, factors that deliver a high page ranking in one search engine might not be effective in other search engines. Google make use of about 200 factors to rank a website. This is a pretty large number.

It will be a tough task for webmasters and bloggers to concentrate on each of these 200 ranking factors when running an SEO campaign for their websites. When coming up with a SEO strategy for their websites, webmasters should place quality over quantity. Therefore, instead of focusing on each and every single factor used by Google to rank a website, webmasters should concentrate their efforts on a few ranking factors that can take their site to the top of the search result.

Below are top 4 Google SEO ranking factors that can improve the page ranking of a website:

Keyword Research

This is the most important factor for webmasters that intend to generate majority of their website’s traffic from search engine. Keywords are the queries web users enter into a search engine in order to obtain the information they are looking for. Once a keyword is entered into a search engine, the search engine spider will crawl the web, filter information relevant to the keyword, and display sites containing such information as the result of the search.

For a website to attract its target audience, it needs to build its SEO campaign around the keywords commonly use by its target audience. Keyword research is the only way webmasters can find out the keywords frequently use by their target audience to conduct a web search. Webmasters can use free keyword research tool like Google Keyword Research Tool, Keyword Spy, SEO Book, and Google Adwords Traffic Estimator as well as paid keyword research tools like Keyword Discovery, SEO Moz, and WordTracker.

When choosing a keyword for their SEO campaign, webmasters should go for less competitive keywords. This increases the chances of their websites to get to the top of the search result for that particular keywords. Achieving this feat for a highly competitive keyword is extremely difficult.

Content Quality

Recent updates to Google algorithm like Google Panda were meant to improve the quality of contents on the web. In fact, Google Panda downgrade the page ranking of websites with low quality contents. Thus, by placing rich and informative contents on their website, webmasters can quickly get on the good side of search engine spiders and be rewarded with a high page rank.

Link Building

Search engines love websites that have high-quality backlinks, outbound links, and external links. Link building is an excellent way to fastrack a website’s journey to the top of the page rank chart. However, only high-quality links are capable of improving a website page ranking.

Social Signals

Social signals emanating from social media networks have huge influence on a website’s page rank. Social signals are important factors used by Google to rank a website. Thus by acquiring social signals like FaceBook Likes, a website will get on the good books of Google and be rewarded with a high page ranking.

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