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Using Social Media for Customer Service Statistics and Examples

Using Social Media for Customer Service Statistics and Examples

How Social Media Empowers Customers

Thanks to the exponential growth of social media, many businesses have seen it as a platform to get to know their customers better and create relationships with them as well. Below are some of the results of businesses using social media and how it has given more authority to the customer.

Word of Mouth Advertising

According to studies, it is 5 times more likely for a social media user to tell their non-social media user friends about a good customer experience. On the other hand, a bad service experience will cause a social media user to share their story with nearly 3 times more people.

How Much More Consumers Are Willing to Spend for Excellent Customer Service:
• Social Media Users – 11%
• Non-Social Media Users – 21%

The Percentage of Lost Potential Customers from Bad Customer Service in the Past Year
• Social Media Users – 83%
• Non-Social Media Users – 49%

The Social Media Generation

A Better Customer Service Experience
Here are the social media platforms that customers expect businesses to have:
• Facebook
• Company Blog
• Support Forum
• None of the Above
• Twitter
• Wiki or Knowledge Base
• Other
• Yelp

Here are the expectations of how soon customers expect an answer to their questions and complaints:

• Within 30 Minutes – 16%
• Within 2 Hours – 13%
• Same Day – 22%
• Within 4 Days – 6%
• Don’t Expect a Response – 6%

• Within 30 Minutes – 30%
• Within 2 Hours – 23%
• Same Day – 30%
• Within 4 Days – 9%
• Don’t Expect a Response – 8%

Businesses that put themselves out there must pay attention to what is being said about their product or service on social media. Make it a priority to maintain the reputation of your organization by monitoring the internet regularly and responding to the complaints and questions of your customers in a timely manner. A company that is willing to spend the time to interact with their customers sends out a positive message that can encourage customer loyalty and an increase in revenue in the future.

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