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How and When the Ipod and Iphone Were Invented

How and When the Ipod and Iphone Were Invented

The Truth about Apple’s Innovations

Apple fans are one of the most dedicated, as they are even willing to stand in line for hours just to receive the latest gadget update. Truthfully, though, Apple isn’t the innovative magician that it has been marketed to be. Here are some examples in which Apple has taken the ideas of others and turned them into billions of dollars.

Taking the Credit for Success

• Jonathan Ive reported that Steve Jobs had stolen some of his ideas involving the i-creations.
• Apple sued Samsung after allegedly claiming that it had stolen intellectual property from its phones and tablets.

Bought, Borrowed, and Stolen Ideas

• Sold 16.8 million units in 2011.
• Made $17 billion in sales from 2005-2011
• Took up 66% of the market of computers over $1,000.
• Jobs was inspired to make his mouse and windows interface after visiting Xerox engineers in Palo Alto.
• Apple took ideas from MS Windows to create the Mac OS including the back and forward buttons, screen sharing, and the finder sidebar.

• Took up 74% of the market share in 2005
• The click wheel browsing navigation idea was taken from Creative’s NOMAD II Jukebox
• The overall design bears a close resemblance to the Braun pocket radio designed in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

• Has 400 million active users.
• The largest music vendor on Earth.
• Very similar in design to Ritmoteca.com, which was the first online music store.
• 16 billion songs sold.
• Takes up 70% of download market.

• Makes up ½ of Apple’s revenue.
• 250 million sold.
• The touch screen technology was invented in 1965.
• Multi-touch technology was invented by FingerWorks in 1998 and purchased by Apple in 2005.
• Over $150 billion in total revenue.

• Accounts for 70% market share of tablets
• $9.2 billion sold
• Microsoft had already developed and sold the MS Tablet PC in 2002, long before the iPad.
• 84 million sold.
• Fujitsu had previously built a touch screen device named the “iPad”, preceding Apple’s version by 10 years.

Apple has taken many ideas over the years and has generated billions in profit thanks to smart marketing and great timing. After reading this article you should realize that is important to know your facts before you assume and understand that most of the Apple innovations already had a background before.

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