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Pinterest Market Research: Growth Rate, Demographics and Referral Data

Pinterest Market Research: Growth Rate, Demographics and Referral Data

Pinterest for Businesses

Pinterest is a website with a simple design resembling a bulletin board. Millions of visitors come to the site everyday to pin and repin their favorite images into boards and many businesses have seen it as a potential to spread more brand awareness. Here are the statistics about the growth of Pinterest and the average user and some examples of businesses that have successfully used the website to their advantage.

Pinterest Growth

Number of Members for Different Social Media in February 2012
• Pinterest – 10.4 million
• Facebook – 845 million
• Twitter – 200 million
• LinkedIn – 135 million
• Google+ – 90 million

Referral Traffic for Different Social Media in January 2012
• Pinterest – 3.6%
• Facebook – 26.4%
• Twitter – 3.61%
• LinkedIn – .20%
• Google+ – .22%

Why Pinterest is Successful

Pinterest thrives because it visually stands out. It has a bulletin board setup that depends on the beauty of pinned images to keep the user engaged. In addition, a user can easily search for images based on a subject, topic, or theme, and follow the board of another user to stay updated on their pins.

Pinterest Jargon

• Pin: An image on Pinterest that has been uploaded by a link or desktop.
• Board: A collection of pins that serves as a method of organization. You can have multiple boards for different subjects.
• Repin: A pin that has been pinned by another Pinterest user to his/her own board(s).

The Pinterest Demographic
According to surveys and studies, the average Pinterest user is 25-34 years old, female, earns a household income of $25,000 – $49,999, has a college degree, and lives in the mid-west states.

• 0-17 yrs– 5%
• 18-24 yrs – 17%
• 25-34 yrs – 30%
• 35 – 44 yrs – 25%
• 45 – 54 yrs – 16%
• 55 – 64 yrs – 5%
• 65+ yrs – 2%

• Male – 20%
• Female – 80%

5 Brand Examples

Better Homes and Gardens
• Lifestyle brand that uses Pinterest to share ideas about recipes, entertainment, and decorations.

Whole Foods
• A very active brand in social media.
• Pins items related to food, recycling, and living green.
• Publishes various types of content to appeal to multiple interests.

Michaels’ Stores
• Use Pinterest to show images from craft classes and events.
• Have a board for users to pin their own images.
• Have multiple boards for users with different crafting interests.

• A subscription service that sends new trial-sized beauty products to customers.
• Shares content using boards separated by seasons and product categories.

• Uses a unique indirect method of marketing.
• Creates boards with creative names such as “Bling for Bookworms” and “Vintage Scholastic”.

More Pinterest Statistics

• Pinterest engages its users 2-3 times more efficiently as Twitter.
• Since early 2012, the number of daily users on Pinterest has increased by more than 145%.
• 1 out of every 5 users on Facebook uses Pinterest daily.
• American Pinterest users spend on average 1 hour and 17 minutes per session.

Looking at the facts and examples, you can see how Pinterest, although young and simply designed, is a powerful tool that can aid the advertising and marketing efforts of any business. Having great images and content will not only spread brand awareness about your company, but it will refer traffic to your site and increase your sales as well.

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