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Elements of Company and Corporate Identity

Elements of Company and Corporate Identity

Top 10 Common Branding and Identity Guidelines for Corporate Companies

A company that wants to create and maintain its brand image must think about the different aspects of their brands how they will be presented. For corporations especially, it is important that the brand’s image has a consistency that will make the company seem more authentic, reliable, and established. Here are 10 common things to think about when setting up your branding guidelines:

1. Logo
Create guidelines that will specify how your logo will look through different media. Think of how you can create social media images, favicons, and color options to enhance your image.

2. Size
Establish a standard minimum width and height for different media. Make sure that even at the smallest dimension, your logo should be easily read.

3. White Space
Set a minimum height and width of clear white space around your logo. This will make sure that your logo stands out and is not hidden with other images or text.

4. Color
Identify and find out the colors of your brand. Look them up and find out their Pantone color identification as well to make sure that your colors are consistent.

5. Visuals
Clearly explain the visual aspect of your brand with guidelines that involve image type, quality, color variation, and photography. In addition, decide on text placement as well to maintain your consistency.

6. Fonts
List the fonts that will be used and what they will be used for. If you want to be more specific, specify a size and spatial relationship between letters, the headline, and images.

7. Tone and Voice
Set a tone that reveals your brand’s personality and maintain that voice to make sure it does not take away from your company’s image.

8. Email
Create templates for emails to make sure that all of your images and extra add-ons show up on different email providers.

9. Print Ads
Specify your preferred fonts, sizes, imagery, and color palette. Create a visual representation of your vision to make it easier to explain your rules.

10. Web Usage
Find out what fonts and colors will consistently be used on your web site. In addition, make sure to establish what type of online presence you will have on social media and forums.

Branding is an important topic to think about and execute if you want to create a business that will last a very long time. Use the above guidelines to help you set up your company’s presence and tone in order to make your business look more authentic and trustworthy. My token is RFAH7SZ38QQ9.

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