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Benefits of Global Business Promotion and Global Business Markets

Benefits of Global Business Promotion and Global Business Markets

International Improvements in Business

Many governments are now making it easier than ever for people to become entrepreneurs and start their businesses. In fact, in 2012 there were 105 economies in which a person could start their own business in less than 20 days. Many governments are now making initiatives that will save time and money by putting everything on the web. This movement will also provide new opportunities to business people around the world and help to increase transparency.

The barriers that have come with the gender gap are now coming down and making it easier for women to run their own businesses and find jobs. From 2009-2011, 39 countries made reformations that to deal with women’s rights in the workforce. These changes led to improvements, allowing more than half a billion women to enter the workforce. The current rate at which economies are making legal changes towards gender parity is rapidly increasing, but as of now, only 38 out of 141 economies have set equal rights for both genders in 45 main areas. In addition, 232 million women reside in an economy that will not allow a woman to get a job with the permission of her husband.

Global Economies

Doing Business indicators are guidelines used to measure the business-friendliness of an environment. It is currently used by over 60 economies to help them shape, reform, and monitor their agendas.

Countries That Have Improved:
• Rwanda – 308% increase in newly registered firms
• India – 6% increase of newly created firms
• Colombia – 5.1% increase in formal firm registration
• Mexico – 2.8% increase in employment

Africa is the most costly and complex region of the world to start and run a business. However, over the past 8 years, 45 out of 46 governments in the Sub-Saharan area have improved their economic regulations for domestic businesses throughout the past 8 years, with Rwanda improving the most overall. The Rwandan government invested time into tracking its progress amongst local economies and took on challenges that helped to make necessary adjustments.

World Reform

108 international economies were made 201 reforms between 2011 and 2012.

Here are the Percentages of 10 Economies with at Least One Positive Reform from 2011-2012:
1. Eastern Europe – 100%
2. Central Asia and Caucasus – 83%
3. OECD High Income – 70%
4. Sub-Saharan Africa – 61%
5. European Union – 59%
6. Central and South America – 53%
7. Middle East and North Africa – 50%
8. East Asia and Pacific – 46%
9. South Asia – 38%
10. Caribbean – 36%

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