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Top 10 Characteristics of a Good Leader


Characteristics of a Good Leader

What defines a good leader? Here are some characteristics that defines a good leader.

1. Honesty
Honesty is key as your business is a replica of your personality. If you maintain honesty, your team members will follow suit.

2. Sense of Delegation
It is a reflection of strength to trust your team members with your business ideas. It is very important to delegate appropriate tasks to the right department.

3. Communication
It is very important to clearly communicate what you want to your team members. This is one way to carry them all along with you with respect to your goals and objectives.

4. Sense of humor
With a good sense of humor, employees would be more comfortable with you in the work place as they constantly look forward to this.

5. Confidence
Even in the face of challenges and set back, remaining confident and focus helps the team see challenges as natural, hence maintain focus on larger goals.

6. Commitment
It will take leadership by example for the team to work hard as you will have to lead by example.

7. Positive Attitude
The team needs to be motivated through a positive attitude towards the success of the company.

8. Creativity
During critical times, your team looks at you, at this point you need to demonstrate creativity by thinking outside the box.

9. Ability to inspire
In a bid to focus on future goals, you need to inspire your team. Sustain the high spirit of hard work irrespective of the challenges.

10. Intuition
There is need to remain alert and have high intuition, when there is a lot of uncertainty in the air, instinctive knowledge is needed.

Are You An Effective Leader?

Here are more attributes of an effective leader.

• An effective leader is a connector.
• He is a level headed strategist.
• He learns from his mistakes.

If these features are not in you, there is no need to be afraid as you can improve yourself by always maintaining the larger picture in your mind.

How to Become a Better Leader

It is worthy of note that no one is born with the skills of leadership but such skills can be developed by all, and influence their environment positively using them. Here are some of the skills.

• Improved Communication
• Setting good examples
• Motivate others
• Encourage cooperation
• Develop a broader perspective
• Recognize the need for a change when it arises
• Knowledge and expertise should be shared

Leadership by the Numbers

Every year, companies spend $1,228 annually on the development of employees. Also, shortage in executive leadership was predicted by 56% of corporate leaders, 64% of executives focus on expediting the leadership development program in their offices, while 44% of economies expect to increase total leadership development in 2012.

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