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10 Dinner Party Topics of Conversation to Avoid


Dinner Topics Bound to End in Arguments

A survey was carried out and there were over 70,000 respondents to the questions asked. These respondents revealed that males and females have varying opinions with respect to different topics. This research was conducted by AskMen.com and Cosmopolitian.com in a bid to finding out where the division in gender occurs. Here are the results of 10 questions asked.

1. Who is the loser in a divorce?
For the men, 78% of them believe that they are the one that gets screwed in a divorce while just 38% of women agree to this. But 43% of females believe that both parties have equal shares.

2. Her weight gain
About 48% of men said they would dump their spouse if they added more weight, on the flip side, only 19% of women said they would do same.

3. How Hot her friend is
For men, 67% of them said they have had fantasies about their partner’s friend while just 33% of women admitted to doing same.

4. Sex For Hire
43% of men said it was okay to pay for sex while 76% of women said it was not an acceptable practice.

5. Whether Size Matters
On the size of the package, 81% of women said they would rather not change the size of the package but 51% of men preferred theirs to be bigger.

6. Office Romance
As far as having sex with a co-worker is concerned, 40% of women said they would jump at the opportunity if it presented itself, same with 55% of men.

7. Who should take the pill?
68% of males said they would take contraceptives if it were available for males while 55% of women said they would not mind their partners taking it.

8. Who is more responsible?
For men, 29% have a retirement plan while 43% of women have not even thought about retiring.

9. What Constitutes cheating?
75% of men say that “sexting” constitutes cheating while 83% of women agree to this.

10. Is marriage worth it?
57% of women believe that marriage is a necessary institution while 68% of men agree to this.

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