5 Most Catchy Commercial Jingles Ever

Here are some of the most catchy commercial jingles ever.

#1 State Farm

“Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is There”

Barry Manilow was paid $500 in the 1970s for the jingle that has been the theme of the company for almost four decades.

#2 FreeCreditReport.com

Multiple songs from one really famous commercial band.

This band became a cult classic, and Mick Jagger even mentioned on SNL that the FreeCreditReport band was one of his favorite bands.

#3 Kit Kat

“Give Me a Break”

If you were a kid in the 1980s, then you will remember singing this jingle to your parents.

#4 McDonald’s

“You Deserve a Break Today”

This jingle was largely responsible for a tremendous growth spurt in overall revenue for McDonald’s. The year before the jingle (1970) the total yearly revenue was $587 million. By 1974, the yearly revenue was almost $2 billion.

#5 Coca Cola

“I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”

The budget for the original commercial in 1971 went beyond $250,000. At that time, this was the most money ever spent on a the production of a commercial.

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