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Tips for Starting a Branding Company

Let’s say you’ve got all the formal tasks out of the way to begin your branding company. You’ve got the licenses you need to operate, the insurance policies in place, and you’ve even secured a commercial location and created a fun work environment. You’re ready to open your doors to your first customers. What is going to drive people through the doors of your office when there are so many different branding agencies available today?

It starts with your ability to recognize that there is a tangible value in the brand that is being built. Branding is part of a marketing plan, but it isn’t marketing by itself. It is an identity. It is the basis of how people form relationships with companies. A brand becomes part of a customer’s life, which means a thoughtful approach to branding will always set you apart.

Here are some additional tips to consider when starting a branding company to think about as well.

1. Local Must Always Come First.

Unless your business is a mega corporation like Coca Cola, your branding must take on a local flavor above anything else. Localian is a great example of this. Located in San Diego, they represent a brand that encompasses the local lifestyle so that it can always people can always fondly remember their hometown. Their brand proves that personal memories can create profitable business connections.

2. You Must Create a Personal Reflection.

Branding must also have some level of substance to it for it to be beneficial. Singapore-based Trek For Hope has created a brand that speaks volumes about its substance. Representing photographers who explore trails wherever they may be, their mission is to provide assistance to villages and communities that are living below local poverty levels. With each step the group takes, more hope can be created. Your branding company must be able to provide powerful messages like this on a consistent basis.

3. Offer Consistency Through Personal Brands.

Personal brands are just as important as business brands. Above and beyond anything else, a personal brand must be reflective of personal passion, but there must also be a level of consistency with that brand. People will not be attracted to a branding company that doesn’t offer a reputation of success through consistency. Take a look at the branding of Brian Tracy and it becomes easy to achieve personal goals.

4. Your Values Must Evolve With Branding Values.

Many people have fallen for the trap of instant gratification. If something doesn’t work, people are fast to abandon a good idea because it doesn’t seem to be working. When your branding company’s values are able to match up with the values of the brand that is being created, however, you won’t have to fall for this trap any more. You and your clients will see the value in a continuing message that evolves as the company evolves. If a brand is not structured to adapt, it will eventually die.

5. Brands Are A Direct Reflection Of Culture.

In late 2014, the Mars Hill system of churches disintegrated when lead pastor Mark Driscoll resigned after an investigation into the ethics of his personal behavior. The reason why this happened was because the branding of the church was not a reflection of its mission, but a reflection of the pastor’s personal vision of faith. When Driscoll’s personal brand took a hit and had to leave, the church died because the culture was built on his views instead of the combined faith of the people who went to the church. Branding cannot be about ego. If it is, then it will be unsustainable.

6. Authenticity Rules The Day.

In branding, you cannot pretend to be something that you are not. It is impossible to live a lie because eventually the dishonesty will come out. When that happens, the entire image that has been built will be destroyed. When running a branding company, it is important to mention this fact to clients. If they are not willing to be who they are right now, then there’s no reason to create a brand for them. Period.

Branding is not something that just happens once. It encompasses the entire business. It becomes its mentality and its personality. It can be a tough journey to walk at times, especially when a brand needs to become established. With a branding company supporting a business, however, it is a journey that is worth taking.

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