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36 Great Catchy Wireless Company Names

The wireless communication industry is wildly profitable. It brought in 242 billion dollars of just revenue in the last year! Everyone has cellular telephones now, it is edging on a necessity in our day to day lives. Getting into this field is a wonderful idea, but first you need to decide on a name that will stick out from all of the competition. Here is a great list of existing wireless company names to get your thinking.

1 Stop Wireless
AAA Cellular
BC Wireless
Boost Mobile
Cell City Solutions
Cell Phone Spot
Cell Phone Village
Communication Experts
Cricket Wireless
Downtown Cellular
Dr Phone
La Cell Phone
Lifeline Mobile
Mobile City
Mobile Communications
Phone Stop
Phone World
Radio Shack
Reiko Wireless
S & W Wireless
SafeLink Wireless
Simple Mobile
SOS Wireless
The Mobile Shop
TracFone Wireless
Travel Cell
Univision Mobile
Wireless Plus Inc.
Wireless Solutions
Wireless Toys
Wireless World
Xpress Cellular

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