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15 Ways to Speed Up WordPress Websites


Here are some important insights to remember from this infographic…

1) Your WordPress Site Speed Can Cost You Users.
If you website takes more than a few seconds to load, a lot of users might just leave your site before it is totally loaded. Thankfully, there are a lot of websites out there that can help you to test your website’s speed. Just try one of them. Then use any of the few helpful hints on this infographic to boost your page’s loading speed. Start out by disabling or deleting any plugins that you do not really use. Get rid of the most functional ones, first.

2) It May Be More Than Just Plugins.
After you get rid of plugins on your page, go back and see if anything is left on your WordPress page from these plugins. Be sure to delete, that too. Check how many drafts of your pages that your page stores. Make sure that your database only stores a few versions, or none at all. Delete all the spam comments on your page. Then, be sure to do that again on a regular basis. If your page is seriously large, even after this, you can still speed it up. Think of investing in MaxCDN to make more bandwidth available to your page.

3) Dealing With Images and Slow Loading Times.
Think about making your images smaller. Or integrate a slideshow to show images, instead of a lot of pictures on one page. Always use either PNG (simple images) or JPEG (complicated images) file formats for images. Use an external tool, even, to make images smaller. If images are not the problem, back up your database, then check the settings. Change them, if needed. Then, start a purge. This will dumb all unneeded data from your current cache, freeing up space on your site.

4) Is Your Code Messy?
If so, this could also be slowing down your page, as well. Use a tool like gzip to clean up your code. Another place where you page can get messy is with social media buttons. These buttons, although popular, can also take a very long time to load on your page. Think about replacing them with simple links, instead. These links might be just text, or be embedded in images on your page. Certain WordPress plugins can also reduce the time that these social media buttons take to load. With these plugins, you can still keep your buttons!

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