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The Perfect Blog Post Template for Writing the Best Blog Posts

The Perfect Blog Post Template for Writing the Best Blog Posts

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How to Craft the Perfect Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way of sharing news, information and opinions for both individuals and businesses. How can you write a great post? You should consider each part of a blog post and how they should be formatted and what role they play.

Post Title

Be creative and interesting. But also include your main keyword or phrase. Overly cryptic titles are not usually as effective as those which spell out exactly what the post will be about.

Social Share Icons

Make the post easy to share. Focus on the more common share icons such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If your blog has a focus on images and visual content, then don’t forget to use Pinterest.


Whenever possible include an image in the upper left hand corner of the post. Don’t forget to include a caption with your main keyword.

Opening Paragraph

Clearly lay out the aims and objectives of the post. Also include your main key word or phrase and some variations of them in the first and second sentences.

Body Copy

Put the emphasis on clearly stating your case. Present the facts, opinion or analysis in a logical manner. Any subtitles should help users skim read the post and understand the main points, then dig deeper if they want to get all the details. Any keywords use should be naturally used throughout. If possible or appropriate, use images and/or video to support the body copy.


Including a list or bullet points allows you to strengthen your message and break up the wall of text. This keeps the users attention.

Conclusion Copy

Tell the reader what lesson has been learned or give an actionable insight. This is a good place to ask readers for their thoughts on the topic.

Comment Section

Make it as easy as possible for readers to comment on your post. Once a conversation gets going, encourage it by responding to the comments and moving the discussion forward.

Related Posts

Keep your readers on your site or blog for longer by showcasing other related articles they may be interested in seeing. For the best results, focus on the most popular posts that are similar in theme.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now you know exactly how to craft an effective and inspiring blog post. With practice you will improve your technique and develop your own unique voice and style in your blog posts.

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