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27 Tips on Setting up and Using a Google Plus Account for Business

27 Tips on Setting up and Using a Google Plus Account for Business

What You Need to Know About Google Plus Local

Technology is always evolving and consumers have an increasing reliance on the internet to help them find good products and service. This makes online marketing an absolutely essential tool for practically every company.

Businesses big and small are moving away from the traditional and very expensive television and print advertising. Digital marketing is proving to be a much more effective and measurable advertising strategy. If you need an efficient way to promote your business locally, then Google Plus Local could be the perfect solution.

What is Google+ Local?

It is an online business directory made by Google which combines its search engine, social network, and business directory features into one fully integrated solution. The primary use case for Google Plus Local is for customers to find information on local shops, restaurants sand other services. There are lots of ways that different businesses can take full advantage of this popular resource, and use their business page as another effective platform for promoting their products or services.

On your company page you can include details such as maps, photographs, contact details and other important information relating to your business. With your page setup, customers can rate and review your company and add their own photos. The page will be visible in Google search results and on Google maps.

An important part of using the directory is how the Zagat ranking system works. It uses a 30 point scale to rate various relevant aspects of your company, such as service, décor, and food. The ratings are scored from “poor” to “perfection”.

The History of Google+ Local

Google Plus Local is a revamped version of the old Google Places service. There are lots of new changes and improvements that make this new tool even more useful. A few highlights include:

• Your business page is indexed by Google, to make it easier to find in search results.
• User search results will be influence by ratings and review left by their friends and family.
• Interact and respond to comments and customers directly through your page.
• People using Google+ can easily share and post comments that link to your business.

Why use Google+ Local?

Using this service is great way of raising the profile of your business. But there are many other benefits. Make your business page a success by including the following into your marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization. Your page will automatically get a boost in SEO as local pages are an official Google service. Further optimize your search rankings with the use of relevant keywords and phrases, backlinks, regular updates, social mentions and other SEO content.

Integrate Social Networking. With around 100 million members, the Google+ population is large and diverse. Find your specific audience and develop a friendly and honest relationship to gain your customers trust and loyalty.

Make the most of Zagat. Customer reviews and ratings are one of the most influential factors when someone is making a purchasing decision. Make sure you use Zagat effectively by encouraging customers to leave reviews, and improving your business if you ever get the occasional bad review.

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