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Visual Marketing Examples and Tips

Visual Marketing Examples and Tips

New Marketing: Visual Content

Captivate your audience with flawless visual content.

The global market is changing. With such a huge influx of information, consumers are experiencing information overload. The average consumer no longer takes the time to read lengthy articles or wordy ads. Marketing campaigns must use bold, simple visual content with minimal text to gain consumer attention. Visual content is no longer marketing of the future, it is marketing of the present. Engage your customers by using bold visual content that features impeccable design and minimal copy.

There are several different techniques you can employ with visual content including:
1. Comics
2. Memes
3. Infographics
4. Pictures
5. Videos
6. Visual note taking

Each technique should be employed within your marketing campaign to reach the maximum number of consumers. You want your information to be shareable in small bites. These small spoonfuls of information race across the internet via social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+ and YouTube with stunning results. However, in order to catch the eye of your targeted consumer, these bits of visual content must be created with stunning design, bold copy and personality.

Use comics to share a single thought. Use memes to pair a single thought and an engaging picture. Both of these types of visual content have the ability to go viral and literally sprint across the web to your viewers’ eyes. Use infographics to share detailed information in a shareable format. Take pictures of yourself and your staff to share your company’s personality with viewers. Put these pictures up on Facebook, Google+ and Flickr to give your followers someone to relate to. Use videos to give your customers more information about your products. Take visual notes to let our customers in on your thought processes behind your products. All of these types of visual content combine to deliver a complete picture of your company’s product personality to your targeted consumers.

Combine these techniques to form three different kinds of visual content:
1. Static
2. Motion
3. Interactive

Static visual content is visual content that doesn’t move. This visual content uses infographics, pictures, memes and comics to tell the story of your company and your products. Motion visual content uses animated graphics, videos and visual note taking to give your consumer a powerful, emotional experience with your product, brand and company. Interactive visual content delivers a lot of information easily by providing an engaging experience without overwhelming your consumer.

Once you have created a batch of visual content, it is time to spread the word about who you are, what you stand for and how your product will deliver on your values. Make your content easily shareable by embedding buttons to different social media outlets. Link your visual content to your other visual content so that consumers can follow your through a variety of platforms and pages. Share your content with other companies so that they can also help you spread the word.

All of your visual content should create a compelling story that grabs and engages your targeted consumer. This visual content must captivate your audience with very few words and well-executed graphics or pictures. They say a picture is worth one thousand words; each piece of visual content or picture you broadcast about your company should convey 1000 words of consumer thought. Then make this well-designed, thought-provoking visual content easily shareable by using targeted social media buttons and a working embedded code. Ask your carefully chosen third-party partners to share our content as well. Then you can sit back and revel in the fact that your brand, product and content is reaching the maximum amount of viewers.

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