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Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

Characteristics of a Perfect Landing Page.

There are certain features that must be incorporated in a landing page or lead capture to make it as attractive as possible. The relevance of this must not be ignored as the first impression perceived about your website is very important. A significant percentage of potential customers are lost because the landing page does not perform. Here are some pointers that should be taken into consideration with respect to this.

1. The Relevance of the landing page.

Attention must be paid to every detail on the page as it must be relevant to the entire content of the website. All links, images and text must reflect the content of the entire website. It makes no sense having adverts that reflects automobiles on a real estate website, or images that promotes education on a political campaign web site. This is very important because the message passed across by your lead page is significant in the decision making process of a potential customer.

2. The Quality of the page

The appeal created by the landing page in the mind of the user is critical. High quality graphics and an excellent color theme that reflects your message must be used to your advantage. On the average, a visitor spends less than four seconds on your landing page and that shows how fast your page is analysed by a potential customer. If the quality of the content is not high enough to convince that customer, you are on the losing end.

3. The Positioning of page contents.

The page content is the vehicle that conveys your message across, hence they must be strategically located. The most important information should be kept at the top of the page while the less important ones should be kept lower. Most people are not patient enough to read details hence, entire message must be placed at locations that are easily seen by customers. Proper content location boosts the conversion rates of the lead page.

4. Navigation on the page

Adding too many links on your landing page is not advisable because it has the potential of leading visitors away from your home page. The links should be few and relevant. It should be made as simple as possible.

5. The Balance

There should be a balance in the elements of the page. Related elements should be placed side by side. This creates a flow of events on the lead page that guides the user to taking action. Visual distractions should be avoided as this may misguide potential customers.

6. Confidence

What inspiration does your landing page leave in the mind of potential customers? Does it inspire or does it push them away? Customer review and video testimonials will go a very long way in inspiring confidence in the mind of potential customers. Consider incorporating these in your lead page. If you have an active forum, a link to the forum is an added advantage.

7. Presentation

You need to sample the opinions of third party to know what impression your landing page creates in the mind of your potential customers. Is your page compelling, does it make potential customers want to buy from you, are there items that are out of place, does your landing page instil confidence in the heart of customers, is it visually appealing? Getting the opinion of a third party will give you an idea of how presentable your landing page is.

Knowing what visitors expect when they visit your page will help in planning what should be there. Let’s peep into the mind of a potential consumer.

A visitor will want to know the reason for sharing his personal information.
Be frank and sincere about this. Tell them in simple and clear terms why they can trust you with their personal details.

A potential customer wants to know what is there for him.
Give out incentives to your customers, offer something extra, increasing the value of their money. This implies an initial cost for you, but in the long run, it pays off.

They will want to know what they are getting.
Display a quick overview of your products, make it simple. Much information should be conveyed in the shortest possible time. Use pullet points for easy display.

Do they deserve my trust?
The use of customer reviews and testimonials will boost the confidence a potential customer will have in you as a seller. Use this to your advantage.

Now that I have shared my information, what’s next?
The page must be as interactive as possible. Include a thank you page appreciating them for sharing their information with you. You can add some links to this page that makes visitors explore your products more. Provide links to your active pages on social network. Assist them in joining your community.

The conversion rate of your landing page or lead capture can be significantly increased by getting rid of irrelevant details, while focusing on users rather than yourself. You would discover an increased growth of over 80%.

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