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How to Convert PSD to HTML Tutorial

One of the most common design questions searched for on the internet is “how to convert PSD to HTML.” In this article, I will show you all the resources you need to do it yourself or outsource it to someone else.

Video Tutorials on PSD to HTML Conversion

Here is a great PSD to HTML tutorial using Dreamweaver for the HTML conversion.

This one goes over the basics of converting a PSD to HTML and CSS.

Top PSD to HTML Services

1) CodeMyConcept – They charge $159 for the first page and $80 for sub pages.

2) W3Markup – Their rates are $192 for the first page and $115 for sub pages.

3) Markup Service – They have rates of $136 for the first page and $68 for sub pages.

4) XhtmlChop – Their rates are cheaper with a $45 charge for the first page and $29 for subs.

Essential Steps of Converting PSD to HTML

#1 Create the Design Concept

This is where you layout all of your creativity on the PSD.  It is best to identify the pixels that you will be working with for your width before you begin.

#2 Slice the PSD

Depending upon how complex your layout is, this could include your backgrounds, dividers, header, footer, icons, search bar, and custom areas.

#3 Build the HTML Structure

The html structure for the PSD to HTML conversion will usually focus on the header, content, and footer.

#4 Write the CSS Styling

The CSS styling is the most complex portion of the process.  Although this may seem like a burden in the beginning, it makes it easy to make site wide adjustments in a matter of seconds.

#5 Browser Fixes

At this point, you will need to check the site across every browser that you are targeting.  The big ones to focus on are Chrome, Explorer, and Firefox.

#6 Responsive Fixes

Finally, you will need to review the site across all platforms.  The major focal points are computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Although the process of converting a PSD file to HTML can seem daunting to the beginner, it can be picked up relatively easily after a few tries.  The key is to take your time walking through the video tutorials with Photoshop and Dreamweaver open.  This will allow you to complete each task for your PSD to HTML conversion project as you watch the video.

Click on the image below to see the best infographic that outlines effective web design.

Minimilast Responsive Web Design


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