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Minimilast Responsive Web Design and Webdesign Typography Tips

Minimilast Responsive Web Design and Webdesign Typography Tips

The Elements of a Successful Web Design

Believe it or not, your web design can directly influence the outcome number of sales and conversions. Use the information below to help you create a page that will encourage more people to sign up for your newsletters and purchase your products and services as well.

List of Main Elements

• Color Scheme – The most successful sites stick to using only 2 colors.
• Layout – Create multiple mock-ups and choose the one that has the most balance.
• Links – Select for visited links to change color so that the visitor knows which ones they have clicked.
• Design – Create an overall theme that is consistent and pay attention to detail.
• Text – Create variation between your titles and subtitles using color, size, and weight.
• Navigation – Make your site usable and create an efficient and memorable experience.

5 Steps to Attract and Maintain Your Audience

Remove Friction
• Design your website to have a clear direction.
• Create recognizable visual clues.
• Make signing up easy by requiring less information.

Develop Interest
• Anticipate what you believe your visitors are coming for and highlight those features.
• Keep your writing short and sweet and make it easy to scan.
• Try not to place PDF files, as they break the user’s flow.

Create a User-friendly Layout
• A layout that is familiar will make navigation easier for your visitor.

Stay Relevant
• Know what your visitors are looking for, and answer their problems.

• Create experiments and tests to know which variables affect your rates positively.
• Test your website for bugs or flaws.


Years of Experience for Designers
• 1-4 Years: 55%
• 5-9 Years: 27%
• 10-19 Years: 12%
• Less than 1 Year: 5%
• 20+ Years: 1%

Male and Female Designers
• The male to female ratio of designers is 60% to 40%
• Average Male Salary: $33,279 – $50,064
• Average Female Salary: $32,235 – $48,934

Now that you know the components of a successful website, you can apply your knowledge to improve your business site. Think about how all of the elements will work together as a whole and make sure that your users can easily navigate throughout your site to achieve the best results. A great web design will not only make everything go smoother for your visitors, but it will raise your conversions and sales as well so it is a win/win situation.

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