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Creating Consumer Brand Advocates and Customer Brand Advocacy

Creating Consumer Brand Advocates and Customer Brand Advocacy

The Top 3 Main Characteristics of Brand Advocates

A brand advocate is a new type of customer that can enhance the connection you have with your customers. He/She spends a lot of their time trying new products and services, and shares his/her opinions about them as well.  Over time, a brand advocate acquires a following of viewers and as a result, influences their opinions and purchasing decisions.

Social Reach

A brand advocate is 2.5 times more likely to utilize social media to communicate with their social circles. They are twice as likely to use social networks and blogs to spread their opinions on products and three times as likely to blog.

Here is what brand advocates and web users use to spread information about products, brands, sales, or stores:

Social Networking Sites

  • Advocates – 58%
  • Web Users – 27%


  • Advocates – 53%
  • Web Users – 39%

eCommerce Websites

  • Advocates – 43%
  • Web Users – 22%

Online Feedback Mechanisms

  • Advocates – 28%
  • Web Users – 7%


Brand advocates are masters of content creation, and will share their articles with more than twice as many online communications about brands than the average person.  They talk about the products they use on a daily basis, and are three times as likely to talk about personal care products and twice as likely to comment on children’s or household products.


The motivation behind a brand advocate is to try new products or services and share their honest opinions with their audience. They are always looking for new things to share and are three times more likely to spread their knowledge about products in order to relax. A brand advocate wants to maintain a good relationship with the brands they work with and is twice as likely to give his/her input in order to contribute to their promotion efforts.

Being in touch with a brand advocate can help your brand become more approachable and spread its awareness as well. Your business can highly benefit from brand advocates if they have a close audience that is interested in your line of products. This will result in a higher amount of recognition and social credibility, which is a great perk for any business.

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