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17 Facebook Business Marketing Tips and Tricks

17 Facebook Business Marketing Tips and Tricks

17 Survival Tips for Facebook Marketing

1. Profile info. Completely fill out your profile information. A half filled page will leave a bad impression for your viewers.

2. Facebook insights. Do not ignore Facebook insights as it gives you a lot of useful information on your Facebook page’s performance. Discover your viewer demographics and how people interact with your posts.

3. Engage fans. Focus on engaging your fans, not just getting likes. Look at the interactions as people are not just numbers on a graph.

4. Moderate comments. Be sure to carefully moderate spam and negative comments.

5. Don’t oversell. Remember this is a social network where you need to develop relationships with your fans. You can’t just sell as if it is an ecommerce site.

6. Respond to Fans. Always respond and write back. Creating a back and forth line of communication will help to bring your community to life and increase engagement and loyalty.

7. Pin the best posts. Highlight your top posts and let your fans know what to check out. New fans won’t know where to start, so give them a helping hand.

8. Keep it short. You are not writing a novel, so keep posts to the point and on topic.

9. Post Frequency. Don’t post too much. But don’t post too little either. Have a good balance in the frequency of posts so that there is always something new for fans. Too many updates can become annoying and difficult to follow.

10. Avoid page apps. Don’t waste your time or money on page apps.

11. Be personable. No one likes a robot, so be sure to get your voice through when writing posts and updates.

12. Don’t autopost from Twitter. Too much automation is a guaranteed way of looking spammy and unprofessional.

13. Quality matters. Always ask yourself; does the post help my fans? If not then don’t post it.

14. Cover photos. Know the rules regarding Facebook cover photos and use it to your advantage.

15. Never buy bulk likes. You need to build a real audience. An artificially inflates like count is not going to help you and could end causing problems for your Facebook account.

16. Stay up to date. Always stay up to date with the latest Facebook news and features and any new Facebook updates.

17. Be visual. Don’t stick to only text updates. Use images and videos to get your message across in different ways.

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