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The Anatomy of a Web Designer


So You Want to Be a Web Developer

Are you considering a thrilling career as a web developer? Website development is a rapidly growing industry with plenty of opportunities and decent pay, as well as providing a way to show off your creativity, taste and style.

However, developing websites requires some specialized training as well as an eye for both business and design. But if you have the right experience, skill set and determination, you can definitely build a successful career. Read on to learn more about becoming a web developer.

Web Design: The Demographics

Website design is a quickly-growing, fast-paced field. The majority of website designers are 25-35 years old, with 78% being male. In a survey conducted by Heart Internet, 77% of respondents reported feeling confident in their job security, even though 62% were freelance or self-employed. Therefore, you can see that there is plenty of work in web design, but you may have to work on a freelance basis.

What Kinds of Skills Do You Need?

To become a successful web developer, you need to have a basic knowledge of coding. That means a working knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript and SQL. You can learn these skills on your own or through a computer science program at a university. Many web developers also offer additional services, like search engine optimization and website maintenance, which you will need to be familiar with as well.

Aside from those skills, you should also have a basic knowledge of design concepts. You can either practice on your own or take a few art classes to get some practice. If you decide to go freelance, you should also have a working understanding of how to manage a small business, marketing and budgeting. You will also need to have decent customer service skills in order to win and keep clients.

How Much Does Web Design Pay?

Since many web designers are freelance or self-employed, the salary can vary greatly from person to person or even between projects. Many web designers charge either by the hour, by the project or through a combination of the two. Some designers also choose to take part in competitions to boost their exposure and brand, though this work is not necessary in order to break in.

With all that in mind, web design is a solid career choice for creative individuals looking for a secure career where they can express themselves.

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