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41 Funny Intramural Basketball Team Names

Participating with sports in college can help you to network and build connections, while sustaining a form of physical activity. This has been shown to improve a student’s grades while instilling a form of leadership training and experience to use later on in your career. The proceeding series of intramural basketball team names are from existing college sports teams to help inspire the creation of your own team and participation.

Betta World Peace
Black Mambas
Blue Chips
Coming from Behind
D Port
Fearsome Foursome
Free Balling
Glawe’s Group
Hog Eyes
Honey Badgers
Just Put It In
Last Stand
Leaders of the Pack
Lego my Ego
Mini Heart Breakers
Mos Def
Muffin Tops
Panty Droppers
Patrick Chewing
Pigs of 54
Pippen Ain’t Easy
Premature Shooter
Rack Em Up
Shaq Fu
Shot for Shots
Summit Scums
Team Baby Sloth
Team Brazzars
Temporary Linsanity
The Chest Passers
The Dirty Council
The Goon Squad
The Hand Bananas
The Hot Shots
Tune Squad
Wascally Wabbits
Young and Wise

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