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Statisitics on the Top 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

Statisitics on the Top 100 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

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The Top 1000 YouTube Channels Statistics

There are over 1 million content partners on YouTube accepting advertising. OpenSlate has conducted some research into the key statistics behind the top 1,000 channel on YouTube. The focus of the study was on the value to advertisers by measuring key factors such as influence, engagement and consistency.

These top channels produce around 30,000 videos per month, which gain 11,300,000,000 views. In total there 462,000,000 people subscribed to these 1,000 channels.

The percentage of channels according to category is:
25 % – Music
20 % – Gaming
14 % – Comedy
13 % – Entertainment
7 % – How to & Style
21 % – Other categories

While the music category does make up 25 % of the top 1,000, the gaming category actually accounts for 27 % of the minutes of video produced per month.

It can be very difficult to find high quality videos. The top 1,000 channels only upload 5.5 of the 4320 minutes of content that is added to YouTube each minute.

In the last 30 days the top 1,000 YouTube channels published 250k minutes (173 days) of entertainment across 30,000 videos. In this month, the subscribers to these channels generated a massive 87 million social interactions on YouTube. With 25 million comments, 7.5 million videos marked as a favorite and 55 million video ratings left. This means for every minute of video uploaded by the top channels, there are 350 social interactions that are generated.

The engagement the top channels generate doesn’t stop at YouTube. Their influence stretches to multiple platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, which has the knock on effect of further increasing user activity and engagement.

The average top 1,000 YouTube channel will generate 44,000 social interactions on Facebook every single week. In total these top YouTubers have 624 million Twitter followers and over 2.5 billion Likes on their official Facebook pages combined.

On average a top 1,000 channel will receive about 23,000 dollars of net revenue each month through YouTube ads.

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