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5 Social Media Optimization Strategies for Small Business

5 Social Media Optimization Strategies for Small Business

5 Strategies to Dominate the Big 3 Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, these are the giants of the social media world. Any business not on these sites is missing out on a massive chunk of their audience. Implement these strategies to help you dominate the competition on the big 3 social media sites.

1. Increase Social Reach

Completing and updating your profiles is the first step. Identify the most relevant keywords in your business and integrate them throughout your content. Add social icons to any non-social content or page. Also add buttons to content to promote sharing amongst users. Search for influencers and start to interact with them. Most importantly when people talk to you make sure you talk back.

2. Encourage Fan Engagement

For true engagement you can’t go for the hard sell. Develop a creative plan for non-promotional content. Find your unique voice and aim to strike a chord with users. You could be funny, informational, empathetic or controversial. Either way you need to make an impression, be genuine and relevant to your audience.

3. Identify & Engage Influencers

Finding and leveraging the power of influencers is essential to take your social media activities up a notch. Influencers are both top people within your niche and your most important and active users or followers. Figure out who the top users and marketers are. Connect with them and reward them. This could be through meet and greets, acknowledging them publicly, or sending them exclusive offers or coupons. Your user base will grow when you have the influencers on your side.

4. Boost Lead Generation

Learn how to use active monitoring to quickly respond to mentions or complaints made publicly, such as on Twitter. Contents should be served based on their needs. Monitor all the feedback that customers, employees and competitors leave and make changes accordingly. You can learn a lot from the competition so don’t ignore what others are doing. Harness the power of recommendation and social media to quickly increase your lead generation efforts. Also set goals and test all of your marketing efforts, so you can continuously optimize your actions.

5. Apply Analytics to Optimize Strategies

You need to understand what works and what doesn’t. Implement, use and understand analytical tools such as Google Analytics or Omniture. Understand what factor is driving growth in follower numbers and how effective your social media campaigns are in converting leads into sales. Optimize your strategy by utilizing quality content that is engaging internal and external influencers.

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