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17 Pinterest Promotion Tips for the Holidays

17 Pinterest Promotion Tips for the Holidays

Why You Should Use Pinterest for Holiday Promotions

The image sharing platform Pinterest has grown rapidly and is now in the top three most active social networks. There is a lot of potential for businesses to use the power of Pinterest in their promotions and open up another channel to market their products or services. Most small businesses are not currently making the most of this social media site, which is great for those who take action and get ahead of the competition.

A survey conducted by Vertical Response revealed the following usage statistics for Pinterest by small business owners.
• 71% never use Pinterest
• 12% once to a few times a month
• 9 % once a day to several times a week
• 5 % once a week
• 2 % several times a day

Pinterest is a major source of referral traffic. In fact it is so effective that the average conversion rate for Pinterest traffic is around 50 % faster than other sources. It is the top converting social media site for “top of the funnel” advertising, beating the likes of Twitter and Facebook in conversion stats.

There are more women on Pinterest, and here are some of the main ways they use it for holiday shopping ideas.

• Gather /information on gift ideas for others
• Research on gifts they are already considering buying for others
• Create a list of gift they want to share with people who are buying gifts for them
• Top in photo of gift they have bought or made for others

Pinterest has managed to grab the consumer pulse and position itself as the go to place for product ideas and purchases. Almost 7 out of 10 online consumers who have visited Pinterest found an item they have purchased to want to purchase, compare to just 40 % of online consumers who visit Facebook.

In 2012 alone, 2.1 billion minutes were spent on Pinterest, with 7 out of 10 users being women. From the middle of 2012 until the fall, Pinterest traffic more than doubled, whereas traffic referral from Twitter, Bing and Yahoo stayed around the same.

Pinterest pins which also include the price for the item receive 36 % more likes than those which don’t. Almost half of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on a recommendation from Pinterest. This really shows the power of recommendations in action.

Pinterest isn’t just used to directly find an item of interest. Around 70 % of users also visit the site to get inspiration on what to buy, compared to just 17 % of Facebook users who are looking for purchasing inspiration.

The Pinterest Holiday Marketing Strategy

Having a Pinterest account and setting up a variety of boards containing relevant images and video to your industry is the first step to utilizing the service. But now you need to increase your sale for the holiday season.

Create a trending topic board and make specific to the holiday season. For example Christmas gift ideas. Also don’t forget to include prices, to increase the click through rates.

To encourage more users to pin your images, start a holiday contest. Run a Pinterest exclusive sale to give even more incentive to customers to check out your items and make a purchase.

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