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Review of the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

One of the most unique products available in the quick serve food industry today is ice cream. You read that right – plain old ice cream is making a major comeback in many markets around the world. It’s ice cream with a catch, however, because you won’t be churning out buttery goodness from the back of your store. You’ll instead be instantly freezing your ice cream from a base product thanks to the assistance of liquid nitrogen!

Why bother to wait up to 4 hours for your product to harden when you can have a wonderful flavor ready for a customer in literally seconds? When you become a SubZero Ice Cream and Yogurt franchisee, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do. With a 6 ice cream bases, some mix-ins, and over 40 different flavors from which to choose, you’ll be able to provide your community with over 1 trillion different combinations to try!

What Are the Startup Costs of a Liquid Nitrogen Franchise?

Why choose SubZero over other liquid nitrogen franchise opportunities? It begins with the worldwide presence of the brand. Over 180 stores have just been signed to open in the Asia-Pacific region and that accompanies the hundreds of stores that are present elsewhere in the world as well. This gives the SubZero brand a superior awareness in the field of liquid nitrogen franchises and gives you a better place for your investment to realize potential profits.

The initial franchise fee of this organization is $30,000 and you’ll need either a traditional or kiosk location. The advantage, however, is that SubZero also allows for franchisees to include a mobile location with this franchise fee as well. That means you can take your ice cream truck into the community, make a fresh product in your truck while your customer waits using a safe application of liquid nitrogen, and give them an experience that they won’t ever forget!

The typical startup costs for a new organization average around $250k. On the high end of the investment range, it may be as much as $381k. It is possible, however to begin a SubZero franchise for as little as $155k. Because of these lower costs, you gain yet another advantage in the niche field of liquid nitrogen ice cream. It also provides franchisees with a temptation to open multiple locations, which cost $20k per franchise for opening fees.

There’s also royalties to consider when it comes to this franchise, which amount to 6% of net sales instead of gross sales. There’s also a national advertising fee of 2% that must be paid out of net sales instead of gross sales. Considering that SubZero allows franchisees to pay for their expenses before paying for the royalty helps provide a better foundation for profitability and that’s why this organization is a leader and deserves consideration.

What Do You Get With Your Investment Into SubZero?

This liquid nitrogen franchise opportunity comes with a wide range of benefits that will help your location get off the ground. For the costs of your initial investment, you’ll be able to take advantage of these in-house opportunities to establish community awareness of your new unique product:

Marketing Direction. SubZero has a marketing director on their staff that will advise you on all decisions you may have to establish brand awareness within your local community.

Graphic Design. Instead of having to contract out your graphic design needs for advertising and marketing, SubZero offers franchisees an in-house designer that will help to create any ads or promotions that you may need.

Web Programming. You gain access to a national-level website that is consistently updated to provide your franchise with search exposures so that you can be found. Local geotargeted ad campaigns are also maintained and you benefit from in-house SEO work that will keep your franchise at or near the top of associated keyword rankings.

Public Relations. One of the best ways to gain a repetitive customer base for this liquid nitrogen franchise opportunity is to establish relationships with local customers. With a social media specialist just one call away, you’ll be able to manage your own presence online and engage with people on a 1-to-1 basis that will draw in potentially massive revenues.

Professional Copywriting. SubZero also has on staff a professional copywriter that will help to create content for you that involve the documentation that your customers may be reading so that you get the most complete level of service available.

It can take as little as 4 months to get to your grand opening depending on your unique circumstances. From assistance in finding sites with good traffic patterns combined with traffic patterns to a complete training regimen at franchise headquarters to help you learn how to freeze ice cream with liquid nitrogen, this is a ground floor franchise opportunity that just can’t be ignored. There are only a couple dozen US locations operating right now for this new business opportunity and you may need as little as $150k in net worth with $50k in liquid assets to get started.

Why Is This the Best Liquid Nitrogen Franchise Opp?

Imagine being able to watch ice cream being created in the smokey mess of liquid nitrogen with safe equipment. How engaging would that be? Would it make you want to eat the ice cream? SubZero banks on the anticipation factor for their product and it works. Their specialized equipment gives you the opportunity to give your community a very unique product, which automatically gives you a niche brand presence. Add in the lower levels of investment capital and you’ve got a good equation for success!

With the ability to get a startup going quickly and the extensive assistance you’ll receive once you’re on-board as a franchisee, the difference is in the quality of service and support you’ll receive with this liquid nitrogen ice cream franchise opportunity. If you love sweet treats, unique desserts, and engaging people in a fun way, then this is definitely a franchise opp to consider starting! Apply today so that you can taste the results of this potential opportunity soon!

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