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Top 2 Unusual Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can often be boring and bland. There are only so many times that a person can hold a benefit or sell baked goods before the entire neighborhood gets bored. This is a big problem with fundraisers and without a little motivation, the same ideas seem to continually repeat themselves.

This year can be different thanks to the following unusual fundraising ideas.

Scavenger Hunt Raffle

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get both adolescents and adults involved in a fundraiser. Depending on the nature of the hunt, a person can win a grand prize or simply split the entry fee with the fundraiser. The way that this works is in a raffle fashion wherein participants are able to enter only when a fee has been given.

The raffle will allow a certain number of people to join in on the hunt. If a large space is provided, anyone should be allowed to enter as this will greatly boost the popularity of the event.

Now, the fun begins. Participants will be on the hunt for the long lost item that they have to find to win the event. This is where a fundraiser organizer will be able to make the event as fun or difficult as they see fit.

One way that has shown to be a big hit amongst participants is having the scavenger hunt be an entire weekend event. This is done by:

• Having everyone involved search for clues that lead to the ultimate prize.
• The clues should be limited so that only a certain number of participants can advance.

The use of clues means that the event can be dragged on for even longer so that all participants really get into the action. This also alleviates the luck factor a bit so that one person does not find immediate lucky and put an end to the scavenger hunt quickly.

If a fundraiser planner wishes, they can also hold a concession stand wherein participants will be able to buy lunch and drinks throughout the event. Further boosting revenue can be done by including cameras that can be seen through the entire event.

These cameras will be able to be seen by any attendees not in the hunt and will add to the overall suspense of the activities.

Just remember, no one should be allowed to use their cell phones during the event to eliminate any possibilities of cheating or ruining the event.

If this scavenger hunt can be thrown annually, the turnout will increase greatly each and every year until it is a major community event.

A Day of Hostages

Everyone loves playing manhunt or similar games where there is a slew of people trying to locate just one person. This is something that is appropriate for all ages and will remind people of a time when they were younger and their days were simpler.

A day of hostages works in the same manner, but instead, it has a good versus evil twist. The best way to do this is either with paintballs or lasers. This allows participants to track their kills and allows the event to take place in a way that allows participants to be removed.

The goal is to stage a manhunt wherein one side is the kidnapper and the other side is on the offensive. This means that there is a life at stake, figuratively speaking, and the time is ticking. The two sides can defend their own objectives and all-out war will take place.

This should be done in a large wooded area where the two groups have adequate time to prepare their defenses and assaults.

Hostages can be kids or adults that are held during the event. The entire day’s activities should be scheduled around multiple hostages so that there is not a fast snatch and grab taking place.

The best part is that people will pay to be a part of this event and there will be virtually no overhead involved.

There is also a less intensive version of this game where a celebrity or local celebrity is held hostage until a ransom is paid. This will involve all participants to gather together and try to convince locals to donate money to get the celebrity out of confinement. There should be everything from a cage to shackles to make the event more realistic and fun. Staged battles can also take place where the captors always win until the ransom is paid.

These are just a few of the fun options that an unusual fundraiser may include. Rules do not always need to be followed when it comes to fundraisers. The more fun the fundraiser can be, the more donations that will come in. Even if local businesses have to be approached for the event, they are usually willing to help in any way that they can to make the event a success.

Modern Day Scavenger Hunting

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