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How to Say Hello in 21 Popular Languages


Some words are just simply universal, but hello is not one of them. Saying hello is a common everyday occurrence that many of us do numerous times without giving it any thought. You can smile and say hello or simply give a wave that exudes the same meaning. However, have you ever thought about what the equivalent for hello is in other languages? Other countries might not use the word hello, but they use words that elicit the same meaning.

21 Ways To Say Hello

The above map includes 21 countries that currently have Living Language courses. When you begin analyzing the countries with the largest populations, you can quickly stumble upon 21 different ways to say hello. So what are these different ways to greet others?

1. France- Salut, which is French
2. Germany- Hallo, which is German
3. Italy- Ciao, which is Italian
4. Czech Republic- Ahoj, which is Czech
5. Greece- Yah sahs, which is Greek
6. Croatia- Bog, which is Croatian
7. Netherlands- Hallo, which is Dutch
8. Hungary- Udvozlom, which is Hungarian
9. Sweden- Hej, which is Swedish
10. Poland- Czesc, which is Polish
11. Mexico- Hola, which is Spanish
12. China- Ni hao, which is Chinese
13. Japan- Kon nichiwa, which is Japanese
14. Korea- Annyeonghaseyo, which is Korean
15. Israel- Shalom, which is Hebrew
16. Thailand- Sah-wahd-dee, which is Thai
17. Turkey- Merhaba, which is Turkish
18. Russia- Zdrahvdz-vuee-tyeh, which is Russian
19. Egypt- Marhaba, which is Arabic
20. Kenya- Hujambo, which is Swahili
21. Brazil- Ola, which is Portuguese

21 Different Words With The Same Meaning

Many of these words are most likely familiar to you. Hello is one of the first words that you pick up on when you begin learning or listening to any language. If you are going to be traveling to a new country or are meeting someone from another part of the world, it is a great idea to learn the greeting that coincides with their culture.

Hello is a common word that we say numerous times each day, but there is more than one way to say hello. In fact, there are 21 different ways to greet others using the living languages. You can add to your vocabulary and increase your culture by learning some of these different ways to say hello. You can start with the easiest phrases first and then move on to more difficult languages.

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