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Review of the Franchise Opportunities Under 10k Opp and Startup Costs

One of the best ways to make money for yourself is to be working in your own business. When you set the hours and the commitment level, then there really is no limit to the profitability that you can experience! In order to maximize your profitability, one of the easiest ways to get a new business off the ground is to associate with a proven franchise that has an established brand name in your region. This will limit your initial marketing costs, give you top of the mind exposure, and give you a competitive edge within your community.

For many people, however, the investment into a franchise is difficult because large amounts of capital are required to make that happen. There’s good news for you if you don’t have a lot of cash right now: there are several opportunities that can be had for under $10k! Here is a look at the best opportunities that fit into this investment range so that you can start working for yourself as soon as possible!

Little Caesars Pizza: Initial Investment – $10k

For a long time, Little Caesars Pizza dominated the pizza industry with their “Pizza! Pizza!” chant. Then they got pushed out of the way by innovative pizza products that could have people bake their own pizzas at home, stuffed cheese crusts, and other unique items that the pizza chain just didn’t have. Now Little Caesars is outpacing the pizza industry in terms of growth because of one simple fact: a customer gets a good pizza at a fair price without much of a wait.

Your $10k investment into this brand will position you to experience financial growth as the company continues to rebound. It is well-positioned, has good brand recognition, and there are territory reservation agreements that will hold designated geographic areas for a franchisee to add new locations over time. It’s been voted the best value in America for 6 years in a row and that value is reflected in the franchise cost.

ServiceMaster: Initial Investment – $8k

If you have a knack for cleaning, then why not try deep cleaning as your franchise opportunity? For just $8,380, you can purchase into a nationally recognized brand name that helps people clean homes and businesses quickly and easily. It’s almost always listed as a top low-investment franchise and there are currently over 4,500 of them worldwide. There is also help with financing the equipment you may need, vehicles, and even the initial fee itself and there are several discounts available for these fees based on your unique needs.

One of the best reasons to invest into this franchise opportunity is the new Fast Start program that ServiceMaster has developed. The biggest struggle for a service-based franchise on start-up is to find new customers and to establish a quality reputation. The organization will help bring qualified leads to your franchise, work with you to start your new business, and even help develop a customized marketing plan.

1040 Tax Biz: Initial Investment – $1k

With over 20 years of experience, Lee’s Tax City knows what it takes to effectively file taxes in the United States. The start of this business is unique because a liquor store was turned into an income tax preparation center. In the lobby of this liquor store, over 500 income tax returns were processed in the very first year! Now a simple $1,000 investment is often all it takes to become part of a tax processing organization that stretches over 28 states.

The one issue with a franchise such as this one is that there is an extensively busy season at the start of the year, but then profits and customers will dramatically decrease after the filing deadline. Many owner-operators use this business as a means of supplemental income and it often exceeds their expectations! There’s also a tiered set of packages available if you wish to invest a little more into this franchise.

ReDeck It: Initial Investment – $7k

Just about every home and business has an outdoor area that has some bad concrete on it. Garages and indoor patios can also begin to look ugly with lots of use and when it comes to having a beautiful grounds for a great first impression, bag, ugly concrete doesn’t make the grade. That’s where the ReDeck It franchise comes into play. You’re taking existing concrete that is damaged in some way and making it look beautiful once again with a long-lasting product that can add tremendous property value.

It’s more than just beauty that you’re changing. You’re also adding strength to the concrete as you fill in cracks without having to remove the old concrete pad to pour a new one. In many communities this franchise opportunity doesn’t require a contractor’s license and there is no construction experience needed to make a successful run with this service. Driveways, pool patios, and so much more in your community could use your help!

Meineke Econo Lube: Initial Investment – $10k

If your passion is for cars, then the Meineke brand is offering you an incredible opportunity to become part of an amazing brand. The aftermarket industry for vehicles is over $270 billion in the United States alone and the Econo Lube brand will help your customers extend the life of their vehicle. With access to a national website that can help customers find your location, you’ll be a destination business where people will seek you out. Not bad for such a small investment!

What franchise opportunity under $10k is the right one for you to invest in today? With such a wide range of opportunities, you can follow your passion and become a success without needing much in start-up capital to make it happen. You really can stop working for someone else to earn money for them! It’s time to start working for yourself. If you’re ready to begin this new journey, then today is the day to apply for the franchise opportunity that best suits your passion.

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