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Best Fundraising Ideas for Baseball Teams

Baseball teams have a variety of expenses throughout the year. From new jerseys and equipment to various other expenses, baseball teams will need to raise money to lower costs for team members and cover some of the basic costs needed to fund the team’s activities. Even travel expenses need to be considered and they will be very expensive without adequate fundraising in place.

Thankfully, baseball teams have enough members to make fundraising easy and profitable. Listed below are a few great fundraising ideas for baseball teams.

Candy Sales

Candy is the absolute best item to sell for fundraisers. Not only are consumers more inclined to buy candy, but they never mind paying a more expensive price for it. The sale of these items should be done outside of a supermarket or general store.

The goal is to get consumers while they have just finished shopping. Nagging kids or the hungry consumer is far more willing to buy candy while leaving the store. The only legality that exists is getting permission from the store itself to be able to fundraise outside of their building.

Now, once permission is granted, team members can sit outside of the store to sell candy and accept donations as well. A weekend event can sell thousands of candy bars and raise cash donations as well.

The best tip given with candy sales is to pick your town’s most popular store to solicit outside of for donations. By using the store’s foot traffic, you will fundraise faster than ever before.


Auctions should be done at least twice a season to sell off unused equipment and goods. Oftentimes, the family members of players will also auction off items that they no longer need and donate some, if not all, of the proceeds to the team.

A few great items that sell very well for baseball teams include:
• Old Jerseys
• Signed Items
• Balls
• Bats
• Team Memorabilia

There is even the option of asking your state’s star players to sign a ball or jersey for your auction. More often than not, professionals will donate signed items to baseball teams trying to raise money.

There is one auction item that should never be overlooked – the players. By auctioning off a player’s time, people are more inclined to bid at the auction. Players may be asked to do the following:

• Shovel Snow
• Mow Lawns
• Rake Leaves
• Help with Household Chores
• Babysit

There are a variety of reasons people would love to have a baseball player available for a few hours. There is even the possibility of a mini training session with the bidder’s children to help them perfect their form and be a little better at the sport.

Training Sessions

A weekly or monthly training session will be a great option for any baseball team to offer. The goal is to get others that are not as advanced in baseball to learn from team members that are. This is a great way to bring social awareness to a team and can bring in donations in a variety of ways.

1.There can be a flat fee charged for a training session.
2. Trainees can decide how much to donate for a session instead of a strict payment guideline.
3. Packages can be sold where people are trained for months or weeks for a larger payment.

The goal is to have your most experienced players help others. At the high school level or higher, this will be a great way to bring in donations. Training little league teams or individual players how to play the sport to the utmost of their ability will not only be rewarding, but allow your team to raise donations.

Concession Stands

Every baseball game that takes place is an opportunity to collect fundraiser money. Concession stands are the first avenue that should be sought and they can bring in money every week. The goal is to buy soda, hotdogs and other items at a wholesale price.

Now, these items will be resold to attendees at a higher price. By allowing the family members of each player to run a concession stand on a rotating schedule, every game will be filled with great food and immense funds used for the team itself.

Every concession stand should also have a donation jar and the option to donate to the team should be available at ticket purchase. This will ensure some extra money is available throughout the year.


Bigger cities are a great option to have a tournament. This can be anything from a marathon baseball game where money is pledged for every hour that the team plays to playing town or state rivals to see which team is the state’s best baseball team.

Tournaments are a great way to get baseball teams together and perform fundraisers that will fund all teams. The more teams willing to join the tournament, the better chance of the fundraiser being a success.

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