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Review of the Enopi Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

It’s an ancient concept: train up a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it. Even though it might seem like kids depart from this training sometimes, it makes up the very core of who they are. They’ll get back to that eventually! What Enopi provides with their franchise opportunity is a unique after school learning and tutoring option for children to learn proactively without much instructor involvement.

When you open up this franchise, you’re opening up a world of fun for kids to improve their academic skills, but particularly in math. Enopi works with students of any age and at any skill level. It’s a neighborhood-based franchise opportunity that this brand offers with over 30 years of research behind the curriculum you’ll be offering. If you have a passion to see children succeed so that they can accomplish whatever dream they may have, then this is a great opportunity for you to own a franchise!

How Much Does It Cost To Start an Enopi Franchise?

The one benefit that an Enopi franchise offers initially when compared with other opportunities for investment is a lower level of financial capital, investment, and net worth is required. The net worth requirement for new franchisees with this opportunity is just $150k and there is a minimum liquid cash capital requirement of just $75,000. For most new franchisees, the typical start-up cost of this franchise averages about $75k.

There’s also a $20,000 franchise fee to consider. Your franchise agreement is in place for 5 years and has unlimited renewals. Although there are worldwide opportunities for this franchise, there are areas of limitation within the United States. Not every state is an available territory for Enopi, which means you’ll need to check their list of availability to determine if this is the right opportunity for you. Because you must know the curriculum and be available for instructor support if you’re not the primary instructor yourself, absentee ownership in this model is not allowed.

There is an extensive royalty associated with this franchise agreement, however, which may turn away some potential investors. A total of 15% of your gross sales is required by this organization, which means you’ll end up over time paying a similar amount for this franchise as you would with other opportunities. The difference is where you wish to place your financial risk. With Enopi, there is much less risk assumed by the potential franchisee upfront and that’s what makes this such a lucrative opportunity for investment.

Enopi has been franchising since 1991 and currently has 108 units operating at the moment. With the core educational materials provided by the home organization and a virtually instructor-free environment that provides learning, this is the perfect chance for those who have strengths in marketing, sales, and brand awareness to be able to quickly grow their new business within their community.

Enopi Is Now Affiliated with Eye Level Learning

What some may not realize is that Enopi is actually part of the Eye Level Learning family. This gives your new franchise even more visibility as there are over 600 company owned learning locations throughout the world and hundreds more franchisees operating successfully within their community.

With the partnership that you’ll be forming in this investment opportunity, you’ll receive public awareness, ongoing training, and all the admin and learning materials you’ll need for success.

In return, your basic responsibility as a franchisee is to attend all of the training modules that are conducted by the home office so that you are well-versed in this individualized learning curriculum. You’ll need to be able to tailor each student’s curriculum to be based on their performance and these training sessions will help you increase your awareness of what a student needs.

Although mathematics is generally emphasized within this franchise opportunity, student learning needs don’t just stop when they solve an equation! Some students need help with English or reading comprehension. You’ll get the chance to help local kids be able to increase their learning opportunities and really make a difference in people’s lives as you work with each individual student.

Are Your Kids Struggling With Common Core Concepts?

One of the biggest struggles for kids and parents today is the Common Core curriculum. In many areas, it is the current educational standard being taught in public schools and because it is being taught in a less traditional format, it can be frustrating for parents to help their kids with their homework. In a world that is becoming more globalized every day, the level of education that a child not only receives, but also comprehends will make them competitive in this information age. That’s where this franchise can step in and help.

Private tutoring is a $5 billion industry in the United States alone and the figures nearly triple when you take a look at the industry on a global scale. More parents than ever before are enrolling their children into programs like Enopi so that their kids can get a solid grasp on the foundational subjects of mathematics and English so that they can become fluent and have an edge at school.

Purchasing into this franchise allows you to have a protected territory so that you can focus on marketing and growth. You’ll receive assistance with real estate and site selection and be apart of one of the fastest growing franchises in the world today. It’s also a Top 100 franchise and has been ranked #1 in Korea’s brand power index for 15 consecutive years.

What does this mean? That for a small investment, you’re going to get the chance to make a major return! Your investment is more than just for profitability. What is unique about this opportunity with Eye Level and Enopi is that you’re also going to be investing into your community. The better the education your local kids receive, the more competitive they will be and your community will be as the world continues to shrink. That’s why it is such an incredible opportunity – apply today!

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