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How Retailers Can Use Beacon Technology for Marketing


There’s no arguing with the notion that consumers everywhere are at least curious about Beacon technology. The real question is whether or not retailers are ready to match their interest. And if they are, will they be able to meet the potential demand?

What Is Beacon Marketing

Retailers need to begin by understanding two things. They need to appreciate Beacon technology as a concept, and they need to appreciate what Beacon technology can do for the consumer shopping experience.

First, it’s a good idea to understand just how much people are now using their smartphones while they shop at a store:

• An astonishing 85% of smartphone users have used apps related to shopping while they are in a physical store.
• 66% of the above eighty-five went on to say that the app directly influenced their decision to purchase something while they were in the store.
• Delving further into that 85%, it’s interesting to see the specific ways in which people used their shopping-related app. 81% looked for sales or other special deals. 61% researched certain details about the store and its products. 14% used the check-in feature to indicate to their friends and followers on various social media outlets that they were inside the store. 26% used the online version of the store to make a purchase, if it was less expensive online or not available at the physical location. 13% used the app to pay for the item at the store.

How Consumers are Spending

Consumers are using coupon apps the most frequently, but the type of app they’re using is pretty evenly spread out. Other consumers use barcode scanners, Amazon.com, the app of the retailer they are visiting, or a rewards program.

Relying on the smartphone for information about a retailer’s products and deals is becoming an increasingly relevant reality. Although a strong percentage of individuals still utilize things like texting friends and talking to sales associates, a majority percentage are now relying on smartphones. What does all of this have to do for Beacon marketing? What does all this mean for retailers who want to know more about Beacon?

Beacon technology is designed to change the concept of location data and the shopping experience forever. Smartphone users are willing to exchange their locations for the right level of value, and a majority is willing to at least look at push-button notification offers, which Beacon seeks to offer. Partnering with Beacon can help retailers to take advantage of all these facts.

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