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10 Good Fundraising Ideas for Mission Trips

Raising money for a mission trip can be a challenging task. Reaching out to friends and family members for donations is typically not enough to fund the cost of the trip. While these trips can be incredibly rewarding, they can also be quite expensive. Below some simple fundraising ideas for mission trips.

Fundraising Websites

There are several websites such as GoFundMe or Crowdrise that can help you raise money for your mission trip. These sites allow you to create a free account, and visitors to your page have the option of making a donation. When creating your page, make sure that you explain what your cause is and why you need the money urgently. Aside from fundraising websites, you also have the option of building your own website and setting it up for donations. Spreading the word through social media is the best way to maximize the number of donations you receive.

Sell Salvation Bracelets

Salvation bracelets cost approximately 50 cents to create, and you can sell a pair for $10. Each person keeps one of the bracelets and gives the other back to you to bring with you overseas for your mission trip. Don’t forget to explain the beads to each person who receives a bracelet. Materials needed to create the bracelets can be purchased at a local craft store.

Pie Sales

A pie sale can be a very effective way to raise money, especially during the holiday season. Get other members of the church involved and sell your pies after service on Sunday or to friends, family, neighbors, etc. You also have the option of passing out order forms and each person can “order” a pie. This allows you to offer a variety of different types of pies and each person can order as many as they wish.

Garage Sale

Garage sales are one of the best ways to raise money simply because they cost you nothing. Gather items that you no longer want or need and sell them. Don’t forget to place a box or jar for donations. Get friends, family, neighbors and church members involved by asking for a donation of used items. Big items, like furniture pieces and electronics, can demand a higher price and will help you raise even more money.

Car Wash

Host a car wash in a large open parking lot (with permission). You can either sell car wash coupons, or you can advertise the event, wash the cars for free and ask for donations. The first option is the best choice if you are unable to advertise the event effectively.

Partner with a Restaurant

Reach out to local restaurants and find out if any would be willing to donate a percentage of their profits to funding your mission trip. This is a great way to earn hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. The restaurant receives more business because of the event, and you have the chance to raise money for your mission trip. A great deal of advertising will be needed to make this event a success. Place an ad in the local paper and hand out flyers in church to spread the word.

Sell Fair Trade Items

Purchase fair trade soaps and other items to sell. Fair trade items are typically handmade and created by those in developing countries. Those who create the items are paid a fair wage and profits typically go to a good cause that supports the local community. Selling these items will not only help you raise money, but also allow you to support a good cause at the same time. Be sure to explain that the items you are selling are fair trade and what that means. This will be a major selling point and can mean the difference between succeeding and failing with this type of fundraiser.

Mystery Dinner Theater

Host a mystery dinner theater in the church or another local venue. Charge an admission fee, or charge per plate. Have your team organize the event and create the “mystery” event. Use the Internet to gather ideas on how to plan this type of event and how to get everyone to participate.

Mother’s Day Brunch

Host a Mother’s Day buffet brunch and charge a fee for each person who attends. Don’t forget to ask for donations as well. You can reach out to a local restaurant, or you can have your team help cook the food for the buffet. Brunch foods are typically inexpensive and easy to prepare. Although this type of event will require quite a bit of planning and advertising, it is one that can be incredibly successful.

Drive-Thru Barbeque

Host a drive-thru barbeque and serve up chicken, coleslaw, potatoes and a dessert. Barbequing the chicken yourself can save you money. The congregation may donate food items to help keep costs down as well. Have the young people make the dessert. This can be something simple, like brownies or cupcakes.

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