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Optimizing Company Registration Forms for Conversions

Optimizing Company Registration Forms for Conversions

Get Your Customers to Register

Getting your customers to register can be an extremely difficult task. Many users are just overwhelmed by the registration process. According to marketing surveys conducted by Janrain, 86% of users leave a website when they are asked to register. This may be because the registration process is too long, users are overwhelmed by the thought of creating another unique password or they don’t know what their information will be used for.

Registration Process

Many customers feel that the registration process is too long and arduous to complete for a website they just want to visit. If your registration process contains more than two questions, it is probably too long. Web users don’t feel like answering 20 questions just to access content that they may or may not be terribly interested in. However, if you shorten the registration process, it may not seem as cumbersome and you may not lose as many customers. However, there are other ways to make registration seem more attractive.


Users also hate the prospect of creating another password. With almost every website registration requiring a unique password made up of at least 10 characters, at least one number and at least one special character, password combinations can be a huge headache for computer users. According to Janrain, 40% of internet users feel that scrubbing a toilet would be better than creating a new password to keep up with. And keeping with all the passwords they have is right up with creating world peace.

Integrate Social Media

A solution to the password shenanigans is to use a social login. A social login allows internet users to register and login to your website using Facebook, Twitter or an email address. Currently Facebook is the most popular type of social login. These logins are much easier to use and only allow your website to access information that the internet user has already made public. This solves the problem for customers that are uncomfortable sharing their information with your company when they are unsure what it will be used for.

Use a social login to improve your customer registration rates. It is easy to use and completes the registration process with one click (or signing in to Facebook or Gmail). Since a customer’s more likely to feel comfortable with an interface that they know (Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) it’s a safe bet that your registration rates will go up if you use a social registration and login process for your web site.

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