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Link Building Tactics and Ideas for Email Outreach Optimization

Link Building Tactics and Ideas for Email Outreach Optimization

How To Do Effective Link Building Outreach For Your Seo Campaign

In the online world, link building is a highly valuable tool needed for the success of every SEO campaign. Effective link building not only improves the page ranking of website but also attracts the target audience to a site. Since link building avail webmasters the opportunity to link up their sites with other websites, forum, social media networks, and PR sites, it increases the online visibility of a website. And the end-product of increased online visibility of a website is the influx of visitors to the site. Thus, webmasters can generate an enormous amount of traffic through effective link building strategy.

Well, not all links are effective in generating traffic to a website. Low-quality links, that is links originating from run of the mill sites, has virtually no positive impact on a webmaster’s quest to improve the page ranking of his site. Thus, these kinds of links do not help a website to generate more traffic.

High Quality Links

So, what kind of links will make a website to catch the eye of search engines? The answer to this question is simple: high-quality links. Search engines love high-quality links and reward websites that have such links with a high page ranking. For webmasters who want the page ranks of their sites to quickly climb to the top of the page ranking chart, there is no better way to do this than quality link building. High-quality backlinks, outbound links, and external links will make the page rank of a website to be moving in the upward direction.

Since webmasters know that high-quality links will be beneficial to their sites, they only exchange links with only top-rated sites in their niche. So, how do a webmaster still trying to find his feet on the web convince owners of first-rated websites to exchange links with his site? Below is a three-prong technique that can be used to earn high-quality links from top-class websites:

1. Create a Target List: When developing a strategy for your link building outreach campaign, the first step is to compile a list of the prospective websites that you will like to share links with. Several factors like relevance of the website, content of the website, the benefits you will derive from the site, etc, should be considered before arriving at your final list of prospective websites.

2. Create exceptional and Compelling Contents: Link building is symbiotic relationship. Everyone benefits from this relationship. For you to stand a chance of exchanging links with top-rated websites, you must have something worthwhile to give in return. This is where unique, exceptional, and compelling contents come into play. By unique, exceptional, and contents, I mean contents that discuss topics that have not been covered on the web. Every webmaster loves this type of content and will give anything, even a treasured link, in order to display this content on his/her site.

3. Personalize Your Outreach e-mail: By adding a personal touch to your outreach email, you are increasing the chances of your link exchange request being accepted. You should avoid sending out a formal email to webmasters when requesting to exchange links with them. It is always advisable to send a casual email, preferably adding the name of the webmaster.

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