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Best Times to Post on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google Plus

Best Times to Post on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google Plus

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Writing the Perfect Post for Social Media

The benefits of social media are quite worthwhile. For very little, if any cost, you can engage consumers with quality content that can become viral on many different levels. This gives you a virtually free way to be able to advertise your products, services, and branding information to a wide variety of people over and over again! Each social media site has unique ways to create information that will encourage others to pass it forward to others – here are some of the best ways to engage people on each platform:


Many people consider Facebook to be an extension of their lives. For that reason, your Facebook posts should be friendly and engaging, while including graphics to gain their attention on their news feed. Including a link is helpful because Facebook will open a new tab so they can look at your info on their own time. Most importantly, however, provide value because if consumers aren’t engaging with you, Facebook will drop your posts off their news feed.


Many people consider Twitter to be their alternate persona, while you’ve also got people online who treat this platform as they would Facebook. To reach the most people here, you’ve got to be short, sweet, and to the point. Use perfect grammar, eliminate abbreviations, and use shortened URLs so that you can maximize your 140 characters. Think of Twitter like an e-mail subscription list – if all you do is sell to them, you aren’t going to get lots of followers. Give them value by retweeting interesting links and tweets too.


On Pinterest, your posts are all about the visual aesthetics. Keep faces out of your pictures because pictures without identifying features get pinned almost 25% more. Try to keep your color scheme in either reds or oranges because these bright colors are repinned twice as much as other graphic colors. Vertical images get repinned more, as well as images that have lighter overall color saturation throughout the photo. With these tips in mind, however, a bad photo that follows these tips perfectly isn’t going to go anywhere – let your artistic light shine!

Google +

Google + is often referred to as the smartest social platform on the web, but the trick to getting information shared is to engage people. Find people in circles related to what you’re trying to promote, engage them in conversation, and then suggest sending them to what you’ve got to offer after you’ve established a relationship. Full-sized images help a post standout, while using hashtags can help your posts be sorted and found by those who are curious.

Are You Ready To Post Some Info?

The most perfect post ever created by anyone still won’t sell anything if no one sees it or is able to find it. Keep in mind your targeted consumer based and try to post your branding info during times they’ll be online, which is generally in the afternoon after lunch. Avoid overnight posting because those will get lost in the shuffle. If you can keep these ideas in mind the next time you’ve got some info you want to get out, keep these tips in mind and maybe you just might have the next viral bit of branding goodness on the internet!

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