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How Do I Get More Clients

How Do I Get More Clients

Gain More Clients with Strategic and Effective Pricing

Most entrepreneurs and especially freelancers spend too much time deciding on what to charge a client. Although they eventually come up with a figure, presenting it to the client becomes another problem. How you present your prices or figures to the client highly determines whether the client will jump in or not. This is the reason why you should be very alert and careful when presenting pricing quotes to a client.

What to Avoid

When presenting quotes, you need to abstain from the following. First, never include the quote in an email sent to a client. This is mostly considered as informal and most clients think of it as an informal way. Including the quote in a mail message gives the client and opportunity to think of other options, and will start comparing the price to the value you will give. If the client had bigger projects to give, highest chances are that, he will relax a bit and give a smaller project instead to see how it goes. In this way, he or she will be evaluating your skills, and this could cost you time and money too.

The other mistake you shouldn’t make as a freelancer or entrepreneur is to charge on the hour basis, especially if you are just taking off with the work. Charging per hour gives the client a notch that, you might overcharge him, as compared to the quality of service. This will give him or her, a chance to compare prices with other service providers, thus limit chances of being awarded the job.

Moving Forward

The way forward to attract a client to your side is by giving him options, both which promise him quality, but at different levels. Clients love this because it gives them some time to reason and evaluate what they will really need from you. You can do this by including bundle solutions for his needs. This will work within his or her price range, as this will help the client realize that, the more he has to offer, the greater the quality will be, thus satisfaction.

The other way to handle this is by giving quotes within the requested services, and an enhanced version of that service. This will give an insight of what more to expect if he takes the enhanced service. Comparing the level of service that this client needs, he will not have a chance to look for alternatives, because you have all the packages for him to choose from.

Taking Action

When implementing the options strategy to win a client over, you should try as much as possible to limit the packages offered. Too many packages can make it hard for a client to choose from, because all of them are meant to win him over. If possible, try as much as you can to present not more than 3 packages to the client to choose from. This makes it easier for him to choose, thus higher chances of getting awarded a contract. If you can follow these clues, you will then start realizing a bigger client base than you had before.

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