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27 Motivation Programs for Employees and Incentive System Examples

27 Motivation Programs for Employees and Incentive System Examples

Motivating Employees With Factual Incentives

The key to getting your work handled and delivered in time, as well as quality is by appreciating employees. Although some employers do try a lot into satisfying their employees, more needs to be done for the company good. Some of the big companies in the world provide incentives like free rides to work, lunch, unrestricted dress codes and even child and dog care within the working place. Although this could catalyze how these employees work, it should be noted that, many of them will see it as a bribe to keep them working for as long as it takes. Although day offs and holidays are also offered by these companies, it is not yet enough for the employee to feel safe and work best for you. Monetary gifts and forms of appreciation should not be the only key incentives to motivating workers. Here are a few things to consider if you want all your employees to feel appreciated.

1. Appreciate what they do, and offer promotions or growth opportunities
Employees are happiest when you recognize and appreciate their work, however mediocre it is. This helps them feel safer while working, and gives them the motivation needed to work even harder. When you show an employee that they are of greater value to the company no matter what they have to offer, you are not only motivating them, but also encouraging them to work harder. When people work harder on tasks assigned for them, they start looking forward to a promotion at the end of the year. Although you might not be able to promote all of them, offering a pay rise after a certain period of time can do wonders on the employee’s performance.

2. Handle their personal problems sympathetically
Everyone is prone to a personal problem, and when this happens, we all need to be handled sympathetically. Although the employees may be obligated to get work done at the end of the day, showing that you care for their problems can motivate one into working harder and even forget the current problems.

3. Good working conditions, and loyalty to workers
One thing you should understand about employees is that, they are human, just as you are. Good working conditions does not mean giving them a paradise, it means giving them favorable working conditions while at work, and ones that you too could work with. Give the employees a reason to want to come to work every day, and not take it as an obligation. This can be achieved by being true to them, finding time to talk to them and creating a mutual employee-employer relationship. This way, they will be able to air any problems or loopholes within the working place with ease.

4. Job Security and Good Wages/Salary
Job security is the ultimate thing that every employee wishes for. This can come in terms of a contract, or even good faith. If you can offer your employees a job security for as long as they perform, then this could be the best incentive offered to them. The next thing in line with appreciating employees is by appreciating what they do by paying good salaries or wages to them. Paying what they deserve gives them a reason to work for you for as long as it takes.

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