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Most Used Social Media Channels for Sharing Posts


How We Communicate: A Look At Social Sharing

In the past few decades, how the entire world communicates has changed dramatically. It has expanded from telephone and faxes to instantaneous twitter updates, Facebook messages, and a myriad of other ways. Looking at how people communicate online is a fascinating way to see how social media is being utilized by the globe verses individual countries. Let’s look at the world stage and see what some of the most popular social media venues are. Then, let’s look at countries that have access to all of the above, and see how their residents use social media.

What Companies Look At
Let’s take a look at Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and group all other social media into an “other” category.

The Globe

There are many ways to look at social media websites. If considering the percentage of shares in existence for the most popular social media outlets, then Facebook comes in a commanding lead with 41%, followed second by Twitter at 30%. If you look at social media through the lens of e-commerce, then Pinterest takes the lead at 44% of traffic, and Facebook falls to second at 37%.

When looking at media and publishing, Facebook again takes the lead at 40%, followed by Twitter at 30%. Finally, when looking at consumer brands, Facebook again takes center stage with 46%, followed by Twitter at 38%. As you can see, there is a general trend of Facebook being the most popular and well known website, even ranking in subjects it is not directly related with.

Looking at How We Communicate in a Number of Countries

In the United States, it is probably common sense that Facebook is the most popular website among people sharing information at 36%. Pinterest comes in a surprising second with 29%, and then Twitter follows with 24%.

In South America however, this changes dramatically. Facebook nearly doubles to 67% of all information shared. Between Facebook and Twitter at 28%, the vast amount of social media communication occurs through two websites.

Compared to the Americas, Europe has a slightly different model. Facebook is of course the leader with 47%. However, it is only a few points in front of Twitter with 45%. All other forms of social media exist in the low single digits.

Finally, looking at Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Asian Pacific show us trends very similar to South America, with a heavy use of Facebook.

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