33 Funny Curling Team Names

Curling dates back to the 15th century, however the modern version is based on Scotland’s practice from the early 17th century. Serving as a demonstration sport in the Olympics four times, it finally gain a permanent spot in 1998. Curling is considered to be a game of etiquette. Since entering into the 21st century, curling has increased 15% in popularity in the United States alone. An estimated 1.5 million participants play curling in over 22 countries. A variety of curling team names are provided below from current and previously named curling teams to help inspire your own creativity.

Baby Broomers
Broom Enough for Two
Bull’s Eye Doctors
Curl Jam
Curl Power
Curling Connection
Curling Me Softly
Elephantastic Four
Feed Em and Sweep
Get Your Rocks Off
Hack Attack!
Hard Core Curls
Legion of Broom
Ready to Rock!
Rock Solid
Rolling Stones
Sheep Sweep
Sheet Packers
Sheets to the Wind
Stocks & Stones
Surgical Strikes
Sweeping Beauties
The Brush Offs
The Cowlers
The Flintstones
The Horseplayers
The Neutralizers
The Outsliders
The Sheet Stains
The Short and Curlers
Three Sheets to the Wind

The game of curling normally consists of 4 players and 2 teams. Players take turns throwing while the curling stones are broomed to the center target. The tradition of broomstacking consists of the losing team buying the winning team a drink. The below infographic takes a look at the gameplay and rules of curling.

Guide to Curling