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List of the 22 Most World Famous Logos and Brands

List of the 22 Most World Famous Logos and Brands

Logo Wars Mean Brand Recognition

A company’s logo is their brand recognition symbol and sales attribute. Most of the best known and most financially successful companies in the United States and the world have an easily recognizable logo that lets everyone know who they are, what they do, and is an essential marketing tool.

Picking the right logo and knowing when to change or tweak that logo may be the key to any sized company’s success in the modern world of social networking and instant news that is always accompanied by ads.

Logo wars have been going on between rivals in the same business for well over a hundred years. Some companies have been successful by keeping their logo untouched for the lifetime of the company. The majority of super successful companies have made subtle and sometimes dramatic changes in their logo to keep pace with a changing market and the shifting demographics of culture, style, and consumer demand.

Just a few of the most easily recognized logo wars are McDonald’s versus Burger King, Pepsi versus Coke, Hasbro versus Mattel, General Motors versus Ford, Pizza Hut versus Domino’s, Apple versus Microsoft, and Universal Studios versus Warner Brothers.

There is no certain and sure recipe for when to change your logo. No logo change is a guarantee for increased revenue just by itself.

You have to remember that your logo is how your customer knows your company. Logo design is a serious billion dollar business. Color scheme, visual appeal, shape, and dimensions all play a subtle role in keeping your company in customer’s minds.

Changing logos and knowing when to change is part science and part feel or art. The majority of large long lived, money making companies spend small fortunes on surveys that examine the effects that logo changes have on the appeal of the product to a representative population of the market for their product. This testing before jumping in keeps companies from making a logo change that will adversely effect their brand recognition, their image, and most importantly their sales.

Logo wars are how companies say that they are better than their competition, are more financially secure, and provide better service than their direct competitors. That is why logos are so easily recognized. Companies put fortunes into logo promotion and every ad centers around the logo as a major method of developing brand recognition.

The human mind is a very subtle receiver. The smallest change in shape, color, size, or design can produce huge swings in customer loyalty and sales. Culture is extremely important in logo design and brand recognition. What works in the United States is not what works in China.

Logo wars have been around for over a hundred years and will continue to be a major factor in driving business through brand recognition because people remember pictures better than they remember a thousand words. The right logo means more customers and more money.

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