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6 Famous Small Business and Entrepreneur Success Stories

6 Famous Small Business and Entrepreneur Success Stories

For Every Successful Journey There Are Multiple Failures That Came Before

Every time you face a setback while pursuing a project remember almost every famous success story is accompanied by a slew of fallers before they got it just right. Every dream can become a reality with a little hard work and determination. For every misstep one may take just remember the next one may lead to success.

J.K. Rolling
Our first success story starts out with a family living in their vehicle while the author finishes and markets her book. This famous author has created a character that has become a household name worldwide. Can you guess who we are talking about? She was rejected by 12 top notch publishers before her big break and a contract to finish her series. Have you figured it out, yes we are talking about JK Rolling and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone?

Walt Disney
Next up is one of the most creative individuals of the 20th century. His characters have warmed the hearts of millions in the US and around the world. Walt Disney received a lot of no’s before he was able to secure the funds to built his first theme park DisneyLand. Hollywood gossip has it that the Big Man himself was turned down a whopping 302 times before securing the finance for the park.

Albert Einstein
One of the worlds renowned geniuses did not speak until he was four and could not read a word until he reached the age of seven. Albert’s grew into a noble price winner and his theories revolution human conception of modern physics and set the stage for numerous advances to come. Albert Einstein is known as the father of modern physics.

Vincent Van Gogh
The world moves much faster today than it did several centuries ago. In today’s world it’s hard to outlive your knowledge of your own success. That is exactly what happened to this famous painter. He completed over 800 pieces and only sold one during his life time. His most expensive piece today is valued at over $142.7 million dollars. This artist name is Vincent Van Gogh.

Dr. Suess
This famous child author was rejected 27 times before his first book “To think that I saw it on Mulberry Street.” His name is Dr Seuss who has since gone on to be a bed time favorite. One of his most famous is “Horton hears a Who.”

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison famously stated that he felt he did not fail as long as he had ruled out and dissuaded an avenue that did not work, this failure only kept him moving forward. So take heart for each avenue that leads to a dead end one is that much closer to finding the fastest and easiest way forward. If first you do not succeed try again and again and again.

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