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6 Essential International SEO Tips for an International SEO Strategy

6 Essential International SEO Tips for an International SEO Strategy

Using SEO For International Marketing

Thanks to the internet, a customer in Thailand is just as important as a customer in Brazil. Small businesses can sell their products on an almost global scale, but unfortunately many of them have websites that haven’t been optimized for international marketing. The good news is that getting your website internationally optimized is pretty simple and can be done in an afternoon’s time with any combination of these easy steps:

Use the spelling of words from the region you are targeting. You might say to-may-tow and I might say to-mah-tow, but in the world of the internet, customers will be less inclined to do business with you if there is a difference in verbiage. The internet is all about forming relationships to do business and similarity breeds common ground.

Utilize foreign domains. Though everyone is familiar with a .com domain, not everyone wants to do business with someone who is half a world away when they could do business with someone locally. By investing in a country specific domain, such as .ca for Canada, you can take the first step in establishing a relationship with foreign customers.

Signal the language to search engines in your coding. In your Meta Language line, you can indicate the language content simply by putting in a specific code for the language you are focusing upon.

Use a local address. Do you happen to have an office in the country you’re focusing upon? If you can provide a valid business address for people to visit in the foreign country you’re attempting to target, you’ll be seen as local by customers and have a greater chance of doing business with them.

Increase inbound links from the target country. Just as providing valuable content can boost your SEO, providing valuable content that is shared by people and businesses in the country you’ve targeted will help to show that you’re a niche expert and boost your international SEO efforts. The only way to do this is to start creating new and valuable content so that your international visitors have a positive user experience!

Make sure everything is formatted properly. Not every country formats dates, times, or measurements in the same way. If there is even the smallest amount of confusion for a potential customer, they are likely going to go to your competitor that doesn’t make them feel any confusion.

What Could You Do To Market Internationally?

International SEO efforts are about creating and marketing a website that makes sense to the country you are targeting. These ideas can help you kickstart a great user experience that may drive extra sales your way. Are you ready to discover the potential you have to become a global business today?

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