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13 Great Email Drip Campaign Tips and Examples

13 Great Email Drip Campaign Tips and Examples

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Performing an Email Drip Campaign

E-mail marketing is still an incredibly effective way of getting your message out and encouraging customers to spend their money with you. That said, it only really works if the -mails you send are worth reading in the first place. Simply sending out a bland e-mail to say that you have a sale coming up isn’t going to get the job done. Yes, you want to get the word out to all of the subscribers on your list, but you also want to entertain, excite and give them a reason to want to fork over their hard earned cash for whatever it is you have to offer.

It doesn’t really matter what you hope to accomplish by sending out an e-mail newsletter, it will only work if the recipients read. To give yourself the best chance of that happening, there is a very definite way that the e-mail needs to be set out. The first thing to do is have a killer subject line that prompts the recipient to open it in the first place. Would you be more likely to open an e-mail with the subject, “from the desk of Joe Blow,” or one that says, “Read now for a once in a lifetime opportunity.” The answer is pretty obvious, which means that the subject line is critical.

Another thing you need to consider is making sure that your name, or the company name, is included in the “From” box on the e-mail. Anything other than those appearing there are likely to get the e-mail reported as spam or simply sent to the junk box. If you can manage to do that with every mail and get the subscribers to open it up, you have already won more than half the battle. The fact that they open it at all is a sign that they are somewhat interested about what’s inside.

People that take the time to sign up for an e-mail newsletter do so because they want more relevant content on a given subject, which is what you need to provide for them. Getting off topic too often will lead people to unsubscribe in a heartbeat. Make the body of the e-mail informative and interesting, and make sure to provide a link that the reader can click to view the content online. There are all manner of issues that can conspire to make an e-mail unreadable, so give the reader another option.

Branding is important, so make sure that people know who you are by adding a logo or header in the e-mail that people can easily see and identify. If you are trying to sell, make sure to include a call to action within the body of your e-mail. The same rules apply if you want to get information out. The best way to accomplish that is to encourage subscribers to share the information via social media. The goal is to build and maintain your list, so always give subscribers the option to update their information or even unsubscribe if they want to. Always remember, the e-mail newsletter is designed to help your business, but you always have to put the customer first.

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