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List of 151 Catchy Saving Energy Slogans

Utility rates have been rising in recent years, as much as 15% in some regions of the United States. Finding ways to save energy is not only financially beneficial, but also environmentally friendly. Saving energy consumption can improve air quality, lessen price volatility and dependence on foreign sources, while improving electricity grid reliability. The following series of saving energy slogans provide memorable taglines for encouraging energy conservation.

A Gallon Saved is $3.00 Earned.
A stitch in time saves energy.
A thing which burns never returns.
Afraid of the future? Then conserve energy today.
Always turn off when not needed.
Be Cool – Save Energy and Fuel.
Be nice – Save the ice.
Be polite. Turn off the light.
Be the energy saver for earth favour.
Be turned on —– turn it off.
Cherish the earth through energy conservation.
Conservation. Not Deprivation.
Conservation: It doesn’t cost. It saves.
Conservation’s Power.
Conserve energy and make life better, cooler, and brighter.
Conserve Energy Means to Save Energy.
Conserve energy, achieve synergy.
Conserve energy, reserve life on the earth.
Conserve energy, save money.
Conserve to Preserve.
Dare to Care.
Do the Earth a favor. Be a power saver.
Do what’s right. Turn off the light.
Don’t be Fuelish!
Don’t switch on the light when outside is bright.
Don’t waste, Just save.
Don’t be Fuelish!
Don’t let that wind Unused.
Earth: Cherish or perish.
Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we roast.
Energy can’t be created but it can be destroyed. Save it!
Energy conserved is energy produced.
Energy earns or simply burns, choice is yours.
Energy is future, make it bright.
Energy is precious, save it.
Energy is the most vital resource, just save it.
Energy is to life.
Energy misused cannot be excused.
Energy saved is energy produced.
Energy saved is equal to energy created.
Energy saved today is asset for future.
Energy serves you the way you deserve.
Energy. Save it. Now.
Every action has a reaction. We have one planet; one chance.
Flick the switch.
Flip It Off.
Follow all the possible rules to save energy.
For a better tomorrow, save energy today.
For your better tomorrow, save energy.
Global Warming is a Global Warning.
Global Warming is a Hot Topic.
Global Warming is not cool!
Global Warming: The Heat is On!
Global Warming: We have a solution, Stop Pollution!
Global WARNING, lets STOP the warming.
Go Solar to Save Polar.
Help sink Florida. Buy a Hummer.
help the earth chill out!
I want you to save energy.
If It’s Not In Use, Turn off the Juice!
Imagine life without energy. Save energy.
It doesn’t cost. It saves.
It takes cool people to help a warm planet.
It’s an energy thing, you wouldn’t understand.
It’s in your hands, save it.
Kill your energy bill.
Leaks make your future bleak.
Let’s Chill!
Let’s Cut Carbs…Our Carbon footprint, that is.
Let’s start Conserving Energy.
Lets electric devices off when they are not in use.
Light up your life, and your savings too.
Live Green. Save Green.
Love the Mother Earth and save energy.
Love your mother – Earth.
Love your wife & save energy.
Make energy conservation a worldwide motivation.
Manage energy usage to retain happiness in future.
Manage energy well, To avoid damage and hell.
More energy conserved, more the planet life is reserved.
Mother Earth doesn’t want to burn to death.
Penguins are on Thin Ice: Stop Global Warming.
Practice conservation for the future generation.
Pull the plug and you’ll feel smug.
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Rock your world by saving energy.
Save energy & Rule.
Save energy and make the future generations live.
Save energy and save earth for your future generations.
Save energy before it’s too late.
Save energy means save money.
Save energy reduce the level of global warming.
Save energy right to make future bright.
Save energy save life.
Save energy to be saved in future.
Save energy to enjoy tomorrow.
Save energy to save humankind on earth.
Save energy to save life on earth in future.
Save energy to save mother earth.
Save energy today to better survive tomorrow.
Save energy today to use it tomorrow.
Save energy, make it a habit.
Save energy, Preserve nature.
Save energy, save assets for the future.
SAVE Energy, Save Mankind.
Save energy, save the world.
Save energy. Live green.
Save Energy. Save Money. Save the Planet.
Save on energy and money, just snuggle up to your honey.
Save one unit a day, keep power cut away.
Save power and carry on.
Save the only planet we have.
Save today enjoy tomorrow; waste today cry tomorrow.
Save Today. Survive Tomorrow.
Save your children.
Saving energy is easy, at home, and at work.
Saving energy is the way to be.
Saving energy saves you money.
Saving energy today for a brighter tomorrow.
Shun wasting time, save the energy.
Shut it off when not in use.
Snow is melting the Earth is crying!
Soon all the oil will be gone, Think Renewable.
Spare a Watt; Save a Lot.
Stop energy misuse and do energy conservation.
Stop Global Warming. The planet that you save may be your own.
Take control of your energy bills.
Thank you for saving energy.
The heat you feel is just beginning.
The less you burn, the more you earn.
The power to save is all around you.
There is no excuse for energy misuse.
Think about energy conservation.
Think globally. Act locally.
Think. Act. Save.
This planet can’t stand the heat. It’s time for action now.
today you burn, tomorrow your children will feel the heat.
Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage.
Turn down the Dial Don’t Overheat the Planet!
Turn off the light for future delight.
Turn off the light when outside it’s bright.
Turn off the lights, wasting electricity bites.
Waste Not. Wanna Lot.
Waste Not. Want Naught.
Wasting of power is an invitation to future darkness.
What we earn is not important but what we save is important. Save the Earth!
When it is bright, switch off the light.
You can stop Energy Dysfunction.
You can’t live without it, save it.
You Have the Power to Conserve.
You will not be excused for your energy misuse.

The following infographic outlines how solar power energy can help to decrease energy consumption while fueling more power that can benefit local communities and conserve resources. Implementing solar power energy now only provides you with tax credits from the State the Federal Government, but creates a 80% cost reduction over coal power.

Saving Energy with Solar Power

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