List of 39 Catchy Saving Energy Slogans

Utility rates have been rising in recent years, as much as 15% in some regions of the United States. Finding ways to save energy is not only financially beneficial, but also environmentally friendly. Saving energy consumption can improve air quality, lessen price volatility and dependence on foreign sources, while improving electricity grid reliability. The following series of saving energy slogans provide memorable taglines for encouraging energy conservation.

A Gallon Saved is $3.00 Earned.
Be polite. Turn off the light.
Conservation, not Deprivation.
Conservation: It doesn’t cost. It saves.
Conserve to Preserve.
Do the Earth a favor. Be a power saver.
Do what’s right. Turn off the light.
Don’t be Fuelish!
Earth: Cherish or perish.
Energy earns or simply burns, choice is yours.
Energy misused cannot be excused.
Energy saved is energy produced.
Energy saved today is asset for future.
Energy serves you the way you deserve.
Flip It Off.
For a better tomorrow, save energy today.
For your better tomorrow, save energy.
If It’s Not In Use, Turn off the Juice!
Leaks make your future bleak.
Let’s Cut Carbs…Our Carbon footprint, that is.
Live Green. Save Green.
Love your mother – Earth.
Pull the plug and you’ll feel smug.
Save energy save life.
Save Energy. Save Money. Save the Planet.
Save on energy and money, just snuggle up to your honey.
Save one unit a day, keep power cut away.
Save today enjoy tomorrow; waste today cry tomorrow.
Save Today. Survive Tomorrow.
Saving energy today for a brighter tomorrow.
The less you burn, the more you earn.
Turn off the light when outside it’s bright.
Turn off the lights, wasting electricity bites.
Waste Not. Wanna Lot.
Waste Not. Want Naught.
What we earn is not important but what we save is important. Save the Earth!
When it is bright, switch off the light.
You can stop Energy Dysfunction.
You Have the Power to Conserve.

The following infographic outlines how solar power energy can help to decrease energy consumption while fueling more power that can benefit local communities and conserve resources. Implementing solar power energy now only provides you with tax credits from the State the Federal Government, but creates a 80% cost reduction over coal power.

Saving Energy with Solar Power