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7 Industries VC and Angel Investors Are Targeting


Investor & Entrepreneur Digital Health Projections

Investors and entrepreneurs come from two different worlds and statistically have few similarities and more opposing views on industry projections.

Investor Trends

Investors that were polled on industries that attract their attention the most stated big data, care coordination and insurance exchange benefit selection ranked as their top three leaders in 2013. Industries most likely to repel investors include corporate wellness, information transparency and consumer wellness/tracking devices. Entrepreneurs agree with investors on big data/analytics as an industry favorite. This tend to be biased toward chronic disease management and telehealth as a statistical tie for second place. Mobile diagnostics is placed as the top third.

Entrepreneur Traits

Entrepreneurs have a unique perspective and ideals that are statistically shared among the collective group. When asked about their top picks for Health Care Information Technology leaders in a fantasy game of “Survivor: HCIT Island” featuring: Judy Faulkner from Epic , Jeff Tangney from Epocrates, Doximity, Ryan Howard from AthenaHealth and Jonathan Bush from Practice Fusion, 100Plus. Entrepreneurs ranked Judy as a runner up, Jeff as an honorable mention and both Jonathan and Ryan as their top picks.

Growth Potential

Investors and entrepreneurs have varying opinions about companies that have the greatest potential to make over a billion dollars within 5 years. Entrepreneurs predict at a rate of 43% that Practice Fusion has the greatest potential to exceed the 8 figure mark. For investors 40% project Castlight to surpass a billion dollars in 5 years. The second most likely company entrepreneurs project to exceed a billion dollars is ZocDoc at 25% and investor’s project Practice Fusion at 29%. The third company projected to surpass a billion dollars by entrepreneurs is Castlight with 20% of the votes and ZocDoc and AirStrip with 27% of investor votes. Twenty three percent of investors and five percent of entrepreneurs agree that no companies will exceed the billion dollar mark. The three companies that have the least chance by polled investors are Humedica with 4% of the votes, Doxomity 8% and a three-way tie between care.com, One Medical and the best industry doctors at 11%. For entrepreneurs the best doctors received 2% of the votes, Teladoc 5% and two-way tie between One Medical and care.com at 9% for the least potential to exceed 1 billion dollars.

Finding the Right Talent

Investors and entrepreneurs were also polled on the area’s most difficult to find good job candidates.

Both groups agree that the hardest positions to fill with quality applicants are engineers and developers. Over 50% of entrepreneurs and 40% agree. Both groups differ significantly on the second most difficult position to fill for businesses. Investors believe at 37% that sales positions are the most challenging vacancies to fill (less than 10% of entrepreneurs agree). While Entrepreneurs believe candidates in the User Experience/Design sector at a rate of 28% (less than 20% of investors agree) are most difficult to fill with quality candidates. Investors ranked the CEO position as the 3rd most difficult to fill at rate of 33% while entrepreneurs believe analytics are the third most difficult position to fill at a rate of 28%.

When both groups were polled on the digital health heart company most likely to succeed entrepreneurs top choice was a tie between AliveCor and Cardiio followed by Basis for second and a two-way tie between iRhythm and Withings. Investors project AirStrip, iHealth and Azumio as their top three digital health heart companies to succeed respectively.

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