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List of 22 Funny Diet Team Names

Diets may come and go with individuals testifying positive things about one versus the other. However, research has recently shown that no matter the type of diet you choose, many people display the same results over a longer period of time. Therefore, there is a potential in any diet to achieve the results you desire as long as you work for it. For those that seek motivation and continued support, a listing of funny diet team names may help you seek collaboration with other similar goal orientated people to get the results you want. These names have been used by others and meant to inspire your own creativity.

Diet Coke Mafia
Diminishing Returns
Drop it Like it’s Hot
Dwindling Expectations
For Better Naked Tomorrows
Four Horseman
Less for Us
Less is More
Meltaway Momma
Metabo Lights
Missing Slimpossible
The Second Dimension
The Trimtones
Thin It to Win It
Thin Mints Make Us Thin
Thinner Than Your Team
Thinner Winners
Thinning Out Our Herd
We Pity the Scale
Weigh to Go
Withering A-Weigh

The below infographic provides a comparison between some of the most popular diets and the nutritional value and characteristics of each. Some of the largest diet trends right now are seen with the Alkaline Diet and Paleo Diet. Each offers their nutritional benefit to include a reduced risk with kidney stones and discouragement with acid promoting foods. The Paleo diet is focused on being low sodium and focusing on unprocessed foods.

Diet Comparison Facts

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