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Captivating Automotive Industry Statistics

Since the United States bailed out much of its automotive industry a few years ago, the industry as a whole has been under a microscope of criticism. Although some auto makers have had to take on losses of several billion because of the 2008 economic down turn, the global industry as a whole is still going strong.

Shocking Automotive Industry Statistics

Over 87 million vehicles were built worldwide in 2013.

Because of the way global infrastructure has been designed, the automobile is an essential part of modern life. Even those who don’t own a vehicle will utilize a public transportation option to reach specific destinations. This reliance on the automobile industry means that there will always be a desire for new cars and that means stability for those who work within the industry.

Essential Facts About the Automotive Industry

1. The United States produced over 11 million vehicles in 2013, a 6.9% increase over the year before.
2. China is the biggest producer of automobiles in the world today, producing twice the amount of the United States in 2013.
3. Combining the manufacturing and sales of automobiles in the United States, nearly 3 million people are employed because of this industry.

Takeaway: When you’ve got a special car, there’s a feeling you get that is almost indescribable whenever you drive it. It’s part adrenaline, part joy, and part pride and it is different for everyone. Although vehicles today outside Asia cost more than $10,000, many people utilize multiple vehicles for their household. A 2008 survey showed that the average in the United States was 2.28 cars per each home. Although younger adults are using more public or manual transportation options, the car is still here to stay.

Interesting Facts to Know

1. The average salary for the American worker in the automotive industry is above $14.00 per hour in every employment category.
2. Retail parts sales positions are the lowest paid workers in the industry, earning $14.98 per hour.
3. The average wage for someone who manufactured an automobile in the United States was $27.89 per hour.
4. The global rate for automobiles per residents is 170 per 1000 people.
5. Over 80 million vehicles were sold in 2013, a record high.
6. Sales of automobiles have increased every year since 2009.
7. The United States has the highest motorization rate in the world at 793 of every 1000 people. Australia ranks second at 713 of every 1000 people.

Takeaway: The most populated nations in the world have the lowest motorization rates, but they also have one of the highest pollution rates. As the emphasis becomes making cars more fuel efficient, these pollution rates should drop, even as more people can afford vehicles. There is a lot of potential in the automobile industry for 2014 and beyond from a global perspective!

Automotive Industry Trends

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