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9 App Marketing Tips for Android, iPhone and iPad


There are two sides to making the perfect App Store Application. The first is designing an awesome app, and the second is effectively marketing that app. Without one or the other, no app will become a hit or make their creators any money. What most people need help with is how to optimize their app to get it to the top of the list. Let’s take a look and see what you can do to take advantage of ASO, or App Store Optimization.

The Basic Things You Need To Know

There are a few things to know before you pursue ASO. The first is effective outreach. Market your app as far and wide as you can. The second thing to take into consideration is marketing designed at a particular target audience. It may be tempting to try and market to everyone, but you may lose out as a result. The third thing is that ASO is a continuous process that requires a great deal of time to hit its peak. The final thing to understand is that ASO is influenced by things that directly impact its rating as well as indirectly.

Taking a Look at Direct Impact Factors

When it comes to things you do that have a direct impact on ASO, there is nothing greater then keywords. Having the right keywords in the title and description increase the chance that people looking for those things will click. In addition, the title should be kept short and descriptive to give the most amount of information via as few words as you can manage. The last thing to consider is how you visually represent your app. If your website is clear and professional, you can increase the volume of purchases and downloads.

Taking a Look at Indirect Impact Factors

There are also a number of indirect things that will influence your ISO rating. The first is APP ratings, which are chosen by people who use the app and report on how well it works. The second is along a similar vein, and relates to APP reviews left by users. A final indirect impact factor on ISO is the number of updates your app has. If your app is behind the updates for the portable device, then it will quickly decrease in its rating.

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